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  • Cant wait for the 4th Season

    Interesting twist in season 3.

    I am very curious how the show continues.
  • used* to be fantastic

    the most current season, like many others have agreed, turned into a complete mess. i'll start off by saying i completely adored the first two seasons. my high expectations for season 3 were met with the disappointment of pointless characters, plot holes, and everything else that could destroy previously popular series. i believed that there were areas of season 3 that had potential, but were knocked down by the lack of creativity and misuse of skills of the writers. so sad to see such a thrilling, well-played drama turn to trash.
  • New storyline? Or the end?

    The Brody storyline should have ended a long time ago and the series moved on to something else, like good-old "24" did. Unfortunately it would have been hard to keep him in the show and make him fit into a new plot. If the show continues with a 4th season it would be interresting to see threaths from either North Korea or China, including some cyberterrorism.
  • No rate here so far....

    Hello, yesterday I started watching this series and I am through the first season,

    so far I like it, but so many people are saying that the 3rd season should be awful... shall I watch it

    or not? Please give a me good reason for one of it?
  • our hero's gone - why should we watch another series!

    Shan't watch season 4 if Brody isn't in it. Even in political thrillers we like a happy and fair ending. I'm just hoping the Mossad or someone will have rigged the execution somehow and we see the fabulous acting of Brody again.

  • Time to end this...

    While I was really enjoying the first two seasons of Homeland this 3rd season has become quite straining to watch, especially since they have basically turned it into "The Carrie Matheson Show" now! And as great a job as Claire Danes is doing, watching her loony antics all the time is just irksome and exhausting
  • Please stop the pain

    I just hope they wont make a 4th. maybe an episode just one, to fix what they messed. Justice to brody. to Saul.

    Brody dying is probably fair but for the backstabber to prevail all the way is just too much.

    If i want all this crap i will just read the newspaper.
  • I really love this series! - You can also watch it!

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  • A TV Series Gone Disastrous!!

    This show has turned to a total disaster. I really don't know if I even want to waste my time on say, a disappointing season 4. I feel like I have been betrayed by the show creators, starting with a high paced, suspenseful first season, that I personally recommended to everyone I knew who'd care for a superbly characterized worthy of attention TV series, to a disappointing nothing-to-lose third season in 4 years. I'll throw everything about this show out the window, maybe I already have, just don't know it yet!!
  • WTF? Season 4 ends with a whimper.

    This was (and I emphasize was) one of the most original and exciting shows on TV. This season, as with most series, the writers started to grasp at straws to keep the audience interested. At this point, after a greatly belabored story line finally came to an end, I think the season 4 finale should be the series finale. It's time to move on.
  • No, Darcy Harcourt...

    A dumb New Zealander has a question about the Dana Brody character


    By DarcyHarcourt, Nov 29, 2013

    May I have some help, please, American viewers of Homeland?

    You are not wrong. Americans hate Dana as much as Kiwis (did I get that right?). And you're not dumb, you're one of the intelligent ones. The dumb ones love this show, no matter what.

    Absolutely yes, we'd like to see a house fall on Dana. Dana the character is moronic and the actor who portrays her can't act.

    My take on why she got an extended, ignorant storyline that sucked up the first few episodes of this season and made them forgettable and loathsome: she is sleeping with the producer.

  • Boring, wrong.. Can watch something better than this.

    Really lame show. The material in the show is so far off from the truth and shameful on how they depict certain situation instead of showing something close to being real. The shows story line is boring. I recommend watching a better show. There are so many amazing shows out there.
  • If you got lot of time to waste - watch this BS Show

    This is how it goes, and the author did the following, pick a real life political situation and twist it around while drunk or under drugs. Add some facts with lots of impossible imaginary incidents, then wake up from the hangover to see all is wrong and does not add up.

    It is all about over sized terrorists, CIA screw ups and characters that are lost and jumping places.

    You cannot fool educated viewers with all this crap, like shooting a scene in Morocco with men dressed as Jordanians and women dressed like Egyptians and say it is Beirut.

    The author, producer, and director should have done more research to convince us, it is another "24" but here Jack Bauer is a Psycho - Cuckoo blonde named Carie

    Do not waste your time on this, slow boring and does not add up!
  • A dumb New Zealander has a question about the Dana Brody character

    May I have some help, please, American viewers of Homeland? This series is VERY big here at the bottom of the world, where no drones will ever fly, but everyone I know who watches it is completely mystified by the character Dana Brody, played by Morgan Saylor. Up to now Dana has obviously been a character we're supposed to like (she persuaded Brody not to blow up the VP and others; she's young; she's pretty etc etc). But now she has: (a) walked out of her home, leaving her mother (whose life must be hell) and brother to pine away and die for all she cares, and (b) she's told her father to leave her alone, when all he wanted to do was say goodbye before he was about to embark on a suicide mission (not that she knew that, admittedly). In any other TV series, and certainly in any series made outside the US, the view which we are being invited to take of this character would be clarified about now: a house would fall on her, and another character would come along and take possession of her shoes. My question, therefore, is this: do Americans have a completely different view of this character from everyone else on the planet? Are young women in America are expected to behave in a completely self-absorbed manner, caring nothing about the feelings and welfare of others, including their parents and siblings? I'd really like to know.

    Darcy Harcourt

    New Zealand
  • Wheel Barrow got a flat tire...

    I'm so disappointed in this season. I thought the show's main characters were supposed to be Carrie and BRODY!! They dragged the whole season with unnecessary drama. By this point, I feel like 'who cares who the real bomber is?' They will probably lie about it anyway. Since the end of season 2, when Carrie walked back in and saw Saul, to me, Saul looked guilty. And the way he acts & talks this year, I don't trust him. I think he's part of the bombing. That's just my opinion.
  • Yoga Play

    I love this show, the direction of this series is bringing new life. The Director really made me smile in the previous episode when one learns Carrie's Role. BIG THUMBS UP. Can't wait for more.
  • How the biggest TV Series in the World was destroyed in 3 episodes of the New Season!!!!

    I am stunned at the Writers/Directors of the new season of was the biggest TV Series all over the World(or second to Game of Thrones. If they deliberately wanted to damage the series they could not have done worse.

    Frankly, is the title of the series 'Homeland' about the Homeland Security or is it 'The Psych Ward'. Three episodes have dealt with nothing but the hero and heroine's battles with drugs and psychiatric illness! Save for a bit about Saul, the writers seem to have been lost in their own world of psychiatric illness and drug filled writing and just lost the plot.

    If bringing out the heroine's well used story line of psychiatric illness wasn't pathetic enough and showed absence of fresh ideas,they even got Dana in the psych ward with her problems.

    All I can say is I'm glad Sleepy Hollow,Black List,etc have started because this season of Homeland is just plain garbage!
  • Back in play

    I love this show, but I must admit that it was off to a slow start.

    We are in an instant consumption society, we want it all now,I for one believe we should make time to let the story develop, especially if the show as provided us with some great entertainment in the past,It must account for something.

    Kudos, Homeland has done it, I am hooked, once again..
  • show is becoming rediculously dull

    title says it all, starting to hate this show due to this awful season so far!!!
  • season 3 is really bad

    I did love this show but season 3 story line has taken a huge turn. I just watched the 3rd episode and could hardly sit thru it. The 2 main characters are both in lock up with little hope of escape and the star is crazy and in an asylum.

    So what happened... are there new writers? what happened to the action and the complexity, this is 2 people trying to escape their current situation and that's about it. Great actors but the writing... will be canceled by season 4 at this rate.
  • Season 3 - Homeland Returns

    Claire and Damian are the best thing to happen to this TV Series... Though I didnt like Claire in the first season for her annoying behavior, its quite brilliant for the way she has carried forward her role so brilliantly... Another deeply respected character in this series is Mandy as Saul...

    With Season 3 all set to start, it would be better if they concentrate and tie some loose ends in the first few episodes instead of dragging it too long... In all a great series... Cant wait for it to start!
  • Less lines for Dana, please!

    Season 2 was very good until Dana start talking.

    ... And again in season 3, almost half episode lost on her.
  • Soundtrack - Spotify Playlist

    Love this series - here's a great SPOTIFY HOMELAND PLAYLIST 478wi4LZyjCS1Jo6y26xnI
  • Flawed but ultimately very exciting

    sometimes hard to buy, especially in the second season. But suspense indeed. It's Hollywood at its best and very addicting.
  • Max suspense

    Very good show wher suspense is at his maximum, a little slow at the beginning but the pace get high in the middle of the 1st season. Can't wait to see season 3
  • Hatufim

    Just finished watching two seasons of the Israeli version Prisoners of War, and the American version comes off quite a second rate imitation. The characters in Homeland are becoming quite ridiculous and unbelievable.
  • Homeland

    This is such a great show and every episode is exciting to watch with not knowing what is going to unfold next Homeland has great actors and I believe it can still do even better.
  • The Mainland

    Homeland is pretty much the only TV series presently, that has got me excited. The first season was a game changer, although I cannot say the same about the second, but still it's better than most of the other shows. The twists are clever enough to make you want for more.
  • Lala Land

    This show has turned into a parody of itself. And it never was very credible to start with. The weeping, twitching, flip-flopping Claire Danes-as-Carrie was intolerable anyway. But what I absolutely cannot forgive is the way they have turned the amazing Damian Lewis into an annoying pain in the ass. I did not think that was humanly possible.
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