Season 1 Episode 4

Semper I

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Carrie has settled into a normal routine of watching Brody's every move via videosurveillance, but with no new leads on the case, Saul warns her that the warrant is up. Therefore, they need to pull all the cameras and listening equipment from the house. Meanwhile, David sends Carrie's team on a new assignment: tracking down all the names connected to the money trail that followed Lynn Reed's necklace.

Jessica's feelings for Mike and Brody's aloofness after his return from the Middle East are causing Brody's relationship with his wife to deteriorate. Elizabeth Gaines, the Vice-President's chief adviser, sees a political future for Brody, but he's more interested in the wild deer that keeps eating up the flowers in the garden than in running for office. He heads for the garage, and for the gun he keeps there, hidden from camera view.

Virgil, Carrie, and Max head into the Brody home to remove all the cameras while the family is out attending church. Carrie takes the opportunity to poke around the house. She heads into the garage, finding the box that Brody kept his gun in, but no gun.

While Brody speaks with Gaines, Mike tells Jessica that he thinks the should come clean about their relationship and tell Brody everything. Jessica is reluctant to do so. As for Carrie's new assignment, she is partnered up with Danny Galvez, ostensibly to work on the money trail. However, David assigned Danny to keep tabs on Carrie. When David invites the pair of agents out for drinks, David and Carrie dredge up their shared pasts. It seems like David and Carrie had a relationship which ultimately destroyed David's marriage.

Carrie and Danny are tracking down a man named Rakim Fizel, who earlier was shown buying a house with cash. The agents track him to his house, but someone tips his wife off that Rakim is being tailed, so she sends a signal via hanging an American flag outside the home. Rakim drives off. It looks like the agents aren't going to find anything on Rakim.

Later, the Brodys are having a get-together, and Jessica confides in a fellow Army wife about how difficult it is to regain intimacy after a military man comes home after deployment. Brody slips away from the party, and later gunshots are heard. However, no one has been hurt but the deer in the Brodys' garden.

Brody agrees to attend a vet's support group, much to Jessica's relief. This may be only temporary, however, as Carrie tracks Brody to the meeting and pretends to bump into him at the meeting. Carrie tries to earn Brody's trust by saying that not everyone can share the same experiences they had in Iraq.