Season 2 Episode 3

State of Independence

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Showtime

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  • OMG incrivel

    Algum me ajuda que esse episodio foi demais!
  • Well Paced and Suspensful

    I agree that Carrie in Beirut was fantastic all around, this week's episode provided the type of timing here in the states that's needed for the rest of the season. Brody slowly unraveling, Carrie getting healthy and Dana being even more annoying. The scene in the woods reminded me of the movie "Dream Catcher" where Damian Lewis was superb.
  • The truth will soon be out.

    This was another impressive episode of Homeland where a normal day for Brody turns into a nightmare when he is contacted by Roya and told to pick up the tailor who gave Brody the bomb in season 1 and he needs to do this because the CIA know about him When so much goes wrong for Brody he is left no choice but to kill him but people are starting to notice his odd behavior The ending of the episode is what will change the way the season will be heading because Saul believes the first person who should see the tape of Brody is Carrie Every time Carrie gets involved with Brody things go wrong but this time she knows she is right about him.

    everyone has a right to their own opinions,but i am confused as to how anybody can find this series anything but near flawless. it has every aspect of good drama,acting,writing and execution. occasionally a series this good will have a slower episode,but nothing is 100% and usually they serve a purpose. this episode was extremly suspensful and well is too bad toneyb is bored. not everything is for everybody,but believe me it is not series!
  • Good Episode

    I enjoyed it, even though it was a slower episode than previous ones, but if it was all action and no substance it would be like 24 and maybe turn to an unrealistic type of show, As I feel like its one of the most realistic shows I've seen.

    One question, how does Jessica know that Brody was "with" Carrie?
  • 2x03 "State of Independence"

    Not as thrilling as the previous episode, but it still was a powerful episode with a fantastic ending. "I was right." -Carrie
  • The Saul-Switcheroo

    Ok, this episode was a little lackluster following the reveal from last week. This was a much more character driven episode than before giving us an episode to see Carrie and Brody in their new cages. Brody, in his being pulled everywhere at everyone else's whim, especially Abu Nazir, and his frustration with so many things happening in his life at one time. Carrie recently returned home and dealing with anticipation that her good work will get her reinstated. There is some misinformation and she is not allowed into the debrief with the intel that she uncovered and Estes has a one on one with her saying that she couldn't expect be reinstated based on one mission after what she did. She goes home to her actual house leaving her nagging (but right) father who tells her that she needs to rest and goes back to her own house. There she dresses up and gets ready to go out it seems but puts all of her pills out on the table and downs them all with alcohol. Of course we the audience know she wouldn't go through with offing herself, she's the main character and an Emmy Winner after all, so when she threw up the pills there was a "no duh" attached to it. Brody meanwhile has the speech to give at the charity benefit that night for wounded veterans on Jess's behalf and support gets a call from Roya who communicates that the intel that Carrie passed off to Saul last week actually blows the cover of the shopkeeper in Gettysburg who built Brody's vest last season and to move him to a safe house despite his assertions that he can't do it. Roya says that he "has to." No he doesn't, he just saved Abu Nazir's life last episode, why is he sending him to do such a low-rent job. After two weeks of him having him break into drone sweeps in Estes' office and warn Nazir away why would Nazir put such a valuable asset at risk when the CIA might already be surveilling him. Why not send a lesser asset like many in his seeming American network, or Roya who is much less valuable even though she is Brody's only tie to Nazir's wishes. Brody gets a flat and the shopkeep tries to escape when he gets gas and when the guy tries to attack him the shopkeep falls on a stump or a tree or something and gets impaled. Just then Jessica calls asking where he is and while the shopkeep flails and makes noise while he's on the phone Brody snaps his neck and says he has a flat and can't make it. Jess gives a better speech about family and stuff to which the vets really like and Mike takes her home. Brody buries the body out in the woods and then showers himself off. The acting Damian Lewis did in that shot was amazing seeing himself trying to literally get the blood off of his hands and the frustration of not being able to complete the mission and miss the conference. Jess almost has sex with Mike again after she tells him about the weekend and his relationship with Carrie. What a jerk, Mike is all high and mighty and then is willing to sleep with his best friend's wife again after learning of a certain minor weekend infidelity. Brody's weekend away I see as a weird way of getting even so Mike pulled a potential major dick-move. Luckily Brody comes back in time and Mike gets out of there. Jess asks him where he's been and can see through his lies. Her ultimatum was great acting as well as the speech from Morena Baccarin who should be considered for next year's awards season. Brody now has to tell his wife what he is doing or leave his family and his political career (potentially) goodbye. Carries gets a visit from Saul, who sneakily planted a dummy chip when getting detained and searched on his way out of Lebanon and put the real chip with Brody's home video and he shows it to Carrie. Claire Dane's reaction was gold as she cries in relief that she was right. Of course now they have to reinstate now that she was right but what this means for Brody is going to be complicated he can deny it and claim it's fake or something but it will be proof enough that he is hiding something and the day of Tom Walker's shooting up the speech was supposed to be followed by Brody killing everyone off in the bunker. Great work Homeland, now we can get back to action. And stop giving Brody weird jobs next thing we know he'll have to pick up Nazir's dry cleaning when he has a caucus meeting or something.
  • State of Independence

    We saw some interesting developments here tonight, but this was a really slow-moving episode, and not in a good artistic way. The 25 minutes dedicated to Brody trying to catch and then save the guy, and then Carrie's dressing up only to go back to sleep was weird and unnecessary.

    Curious to see how things are handled, but it needs to be a faster-paced show.
  • A weaker episode with a very satisfying ending

    Brody's Gettysburg trip felt contrived from start to finish, but at least it answered the ominous burial scene from the season trailer...

    But that ending. Now that was satisfying, at least for a week. But now that Carrie knows, just imagine where this is headed... surely there's many more mistakes ahead.
  • Plot problems?

    First of all, we learn that Saul is still in Lebanon. Why didn't he leave on the helicopter with Carrie and the Lebanese woman? I thought the final scene of episode 2 (where Saul discovers the video card) was taking place in Cyprus. Turns out he stayed in Lebanon, with the bag Carrie found. Why? And how about this. If the bag is still in Lebanon with Saul, how does Estes know about what's in it during episode 3 before Saul has arrived in D.C.? How does Estes have the material (minus the video) in D.C. and is able to tell Carrie that there is some "actionable intelligence"? Did Saul send it in the mail?
  • How should I express the lameness?

    Having all the mannerisms in the book and then some more, I think Saul Berenson's cavity search in Lebanon must have felt smoother.

    This goes downhill, I'm afraid.
  • Oh look I've killed the tailor !

    Little progression in the storyline this week, Brody's journey into the woods and a death by tree stump with neck snap follow up. Carrie's continued mania and attempted suicide, but hold on, the poor girl has changed her mind. Carrie's obsession with Brody seems justified after she views his video audition for celebrity Jihadist of the year. Brody is becoming tedious, patriot hero one minute, Islamic terrorist the next. They should have made Saul the arch enemy, he's far more interesting.
  • Is This Program a Comedy?

    How can anyone take this soap opera muck seriously? The writing is atrocious. The plot is implausible. This episode was dull, dull, dull -- an hour of time stolen from viewers. I actually through the series had found direction after the revelation of Brody's 27-Virgin YouTube. Nope! An entire episode that ends up precisely where the previous episode ended up. In between, there was no plot, such as it is, advancement only Carrie freaking out, dressing and sleeping; the spellbinding suspense of Brody changing a tire, and Jess' "you like me, you really like me" impromptu speech. It's just awful.