Season 3 Episode 6

Still Positive

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2013 on Showtime
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  • Still Positive

    I liked the Javadi scenes, but I still feel the show is missing out on something with Brody out of the picture, and without adding an alternative villain for the season.
  • Cade NB????

    so boring without Nicolas Brody.
  • Truth or Dare

    I have to say I was impressed with this episode of Homeland in terms of things picking up (but obviously this episode had some big problems as well I just don't feel that pacing was one of them. Things pick up with Carrie (again no Brody this week, why is he even listed as a series regular anymore?) in an interrogation room where she is hooked up to a polygraph and asked a series of questions by Javadi. This was made even more intense with Saul losing tracking of Carrie since those that took her switched cars on the way to the house they are occupying. Carrie's interrogation scene was great and Javadi seems like a really capable foil for Saul in the same way that Dar Adul does, and seems to have a past with Javadi too which I'll get into later. Things go south and Javadi figures out that he has been played by Saul because Carrie knows about his money laundering from the Iranian government through the football club in Caracas and he is being flipped. Bad move on Carrie for letting him out of her sight even though he had a good reason for not instantly giving her a false assignment that would alert his men that something was up. I knew Javadi was up to something when he was brooding in the house and of course his going to kill off his daughter in law and estranged wife was not something I expected (although the writers seem content to just make him pure evil with no nuance like I was hoping for as a merciless killer). The even more infuriating part is that Javadi knows that the agency can't risk losing a high value asset like him so they can't have Javadi imprisoned for the murder so they have to leave a baby behind on Saul's conflicted orders for that. This is partially explained earlier in the episode when Saul had turned Javadi back in the 70's during the Revolution in Iran and when he was going to meet with Javadi three agents were dead and Saul got revenge by getting Javadi's wife and daughter and child to defect to the States. Still this lack of nuance in Javadi makes him basically a 24 villain and nothing like Abu Nazir, who was a total extremist fanatic but at least his zealotry never felt so over the top as Javadi's methodical bottle-knife cutting of a throat. Also good call on getting Dana out of the story as there is only so many dreamy heartthrobs that she can fall in love with before we get sick of it but her changing her name was a good course of action and hopefully we will see much less of her now that she's getting her life together and "not Now onto what really didn't work, Carrie's pregnant and she keeps a whole drawer full positive pregnancy tests in her drawer at home. Those things are expensive, who do you keep them?! I assume it's Brody's, or by some curveball it's some guy that she had stair sex with or something. But it just plays the whole cliche pregnancy card because the writers feel like they have nothing else to write about (which it sure feels like as we switch into midseason gear) but seriously why give us this information now and not in some twist season ending effort. With the timeline it sort of makes sense if it's Brody's because after 3 months she wouldn't be showing exactly. But man if she plans on keeping it her first trimester has been filled with going off of her meds, psychotic episodes, and stress filled tirades that don't seem healthy if she wants to keep the baby at all. Beyond that infuriating point here's to hoping Brody does show up (even a scene of him with a beard still locked in that room would tide me over) next week.moreless
  • What?

    Not as mind-numbing as episodes 1-4, but still pretty bad. Season 3 is halfway through, and I still have no idea idea what it is supposed to be about, or more importantly, why I should care. I do not feel invested in these characters, good or bad. The protagonists have become irritating, and the antagonists aren't the kind I care enough to dislike. Contrived plot lines and unsatisfying twists abound. We were already treated to the middle finger at the end of episode 4, and now we can already see the next twist coming. Oh, it was Saul that is behind the fake nomination of that senator for head of the CIA. Of course! Brilliant! Actually, no... Terrible. Need I even mention the terrible teenage soap opera side story. That has been beaten to death on the internet already. Lastly, it is obvious that Damien Lewis (Brody) has decided he has better things to do with his time than appear on screen for this terrible script. One appearance our of six episodes. Unconscionable audience deception by everyone involved in this fraud of a show.moreless
  • Dana Packed Up & Left: Yeah!

    Irritants abound: first, there's the irrepressibly annoying Dana Brody, second, there's Javadi the terrorist who folds like a tent and just goes on a personal killing rampage, and last, there's @$$#0!e Lockhart who seeks to play house with the charming Adul. Oh, don't forget Carrie who probably has a whole carton of ClearBlueEasy sticks for the rest of the season.

    OK, bottom line time, Homeland feels too chaotic. Add an improbable plan with so many land mines going off is it any wonder it went south? Saul, who keeps things together is, literally, going down in flames with his grandiose big event of turning Javadi, which just fizzled with a gory family style bloodbath. And Brody's absence in a big opiate infused third world purgatory. What this leaves is: why?, why?, why? Please some one bring some vital coherence back.moreless

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