Season 2 Episode 12

The Choice

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Bye Bye Brody

    I really enjoyed this season finale, maybe not as much as last year's "Marine One" as far as climactic-ness but it was still really brilliant tying up all of the loose ends. The first bit of the episode, featuring the cabin from "the Weekend" featured a big ole' fakeout with Carrie going for groceries and Quinn holding a hunting rifle trained on Brody while he prayed by the lake. But Carrie found him at home alive and Quinn paid Estes a visit saying that he wouldn't kill Brody since after Waldon's death Brody is no longer a threat to the nation and is only a threat to Estes so ironically Brody helping kill Waldon saved his life. Quinn says that "he kills bad guys" and that if Brody or Carrie is ever hurt he will come back to visit Estes which is a nice writers' assurance of their safety for the time being. Carrie is posed the choice of a life with Brody or being a potential Station Chief for the CIA without him since she obviously can't have both and a choice that makes Saul see her as crazy for even considering Brody over the job seeing as how lonely he is. Nazir is put to rest a sea by the CIA in Muslim fashion with Saul in attendance while Carrie and Brody attend the man's worst enemy at Waldon's memorial service with Estes giving the Vice President a much needed smoke up the ass routine. But when Carrie and Brody sneak away to her office and she says that she's chosen him Brody notices that his car has been moved next to the memorial service. A bomb goes off from his car and Carrie holds Brody at gunpoint, not believing that he has nothing to do with it and when posed the question he points to Nazir letting himself be killed and "letting their guard I don't care how much of a mastermind you are, capturing your own operative, giving up Roya and his planned attack on the returning GI's, only to have Brody move his car and blow them up unawares at Waldon's wake seems utterly preposterous and giving Nazir way too much credit. But it seems plausible that Brody may have been in fact been a contingency should things go sideways with Roya or if Brody told Nazir about his affiliation with CIA Nazir could've switched gears and let Roya and the others be caught only to let himself get caught/killed and let them feel safe and then let Brody take 'em from behind. But all this is he?/isn't he? is what the show does best. Carrie takes him out of there since no one will believe his story when questioned and she says she has a way out of the country. She has a go-bag much like Dexter with an alternate *** with a new name and everything and she says that she can get Brody one and get them out of the States and up to Newfoundland via hiking and a fishing boat. Saul is on the scene and the new ranking officer after the explosion and he learns that everyone there was killed, Estes, Waldon's wife, Finn, all the Secretaries, multiple CIA personnel. At the Brody household while Brody is getting his new ID made Al Qaeda releases his recording all the way back from last season when they take responsibility for the attack and claim that they will attack the States as long as we remain at war with them. Not to whitewash Brody's possible involvement but he did seem genuinely surprised when his car was moved as well as when the tape was released, but how much he knew if he did do it, unless he's the world's greatest actor (Damian Lewis certainly is up there on the list) I don't see those moments being forced which speaks to me of ignorance of whole plan on the part of Nazir or total innocence remembering that there is still a mole inside the CIA (hopefully not Galvez after last week's misunderstanding that would be just lazy and cheap on the part of the writers) who could've moved Brody's car and planted the C4 from the shop in Gettysburg under it to frame him. But Brody gets out of the country and Carrie says that she'll stay to clear his name. Their romance is one of the main draws of the show and seeing him just walk off into the woods after saying that "it was love" had a gut reaction from me that he really does care for her and what she's done for him. I don't see Brody coming back in the near future of Season 3, at least until his name is cleared which Carrie will see to, if it wasn't him then she helped a terrorist escape custody. Also seeing Saul in a position of power was nice to see after having him be at the mercy of Estes and Waldon especially for the past few episodes. Also Saul's wife, Mira, agreeing to come back after most of the presidential cabinet has been blown up in a terrorist attack (that's what it takes?!) is obviously meant to be bittersweet for Saul who will need help to deal with this upcoming situation. While we were meant to think Brody would be offed by Quinn he was merely swept aside and Carrie's entrance back into Langley to see Saul and him smile when he saw her was a great place to end it. She does have some explaining to do about where she was, and not calling him and being like, "Hey I lived through that explosion" especially since "presumed dead" and her being fully alive Saul will figure out she was with Brody when it happened probably. But I guess we just have to wait until we learn if any of this can be traced back to Brody despite the evidence thrown out there with his confession that will surely make everyone turn a blind eye to the mole that probably moved the car. I know, I get a little too into the conspiracy and while this show delved into ridiculousness at times this season it was a still a tour-de-force quality wise to see the ever-changing dynamic of Carrie and Brody's relationship unfold in a new arena. What happens next without him they will either change the formula or break the mold, my hope is for the ladder, but Homeland is really well told and hopefully can continue to be that way for the future since many shows overstep their quality after one good season (Heroes, anyone?) or simply burn out (HIMYM, anyone?) Either way when it comes back next fall I fully expect to see quality storytelling and characters awaiting me.