Season 1 Episode 6

The Good Soldier

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Carrie & Brody are amazing!


    I cannot stop watching - my jaw is on the floor half the episode!These two characters are fantastic. The intrigue is amazing and I keep waiting with bated breath for one or the other to get the upper hand, but they just ebb and flow. It is obvious they each think they are in control and playing the other, and I cannot wait to see how far these two are willing to take it. Delicious.

    This episode unsettled all my previous assumptions about Homeland. Following this episode, there is no one trustworthy at the CIA, nor in the Marines, or even the terrorists for that matter.

    What was up with that first polygraph Saul took? It was so fishy the way he just jumped up and ran out following that failure response - which it appeared as if the polygraph administrator was going to let him skate on anyway. My suspicions have been aroused. And Estes' comments about his marriage - is the polygraph room the Langley CIA agent's emotional dumping ground?

    I was disappointed with the drunk MarineoutingJess and Mike at a memorial reception (tacky), but I am so glad that secret is exposed. I thought is was worst mother of the year time when Jess asked her teenage daughter to keep that secret, and thought it was so sad that their son is obviously torn about his relationship with Mike - the only father figure the boy has known. The dynamic between Brody and Jess is pretty unsavory and unhealthy for them both, so hopefully Jess will take this opportunity to rectify the situation and make a break for it.

    This show is fantastic, and this episode was a sterlingexampleof the magic and suspense being built long-term. I cannot wait to see how far things will go.

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