Season 1 Episode 6

The Good Soldier

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Fascinating, multi-layered drama


    Despite initially tuning in solely for The Damian Lewis Factor, I was drawn into this series by the character of Carrie, played so masterfully by the wonderful Claire Danes.

    Unusually for a protagonist, Carrie is a highly intelligent and driven but mentally unstable young woman, something that we see all too rarely in TV drama series these days. Carrie's mental illness is a big part of who she is and why she's very good (and bad) at her job, given as she is to massive leaps of logic and non-linear thinking. She's gutsy, arrogant and, although passionate, a very atypical female lead in as far as her head always seems to be "in the job" in one way or another, as she casually revealed in this episode during her speech about her ex-boyfriend who came second to the job.

    So far Carrie has been hell-bent on her one course of action: to prove the intelligence she was censured for receiving in Baghdad and to reveal Sgt Brody as the turned POW. This mission has cost her dearly so far, and is continuing to affect her relationships and work life despite so far appearing to be entirely without basis.

    In this episode though we see how Carrie's relationship with her suspect is being shaped in two ways. On one side - the smart, stable side - she feels more strongly than ever that Brody must be the mole (being the obvious choice to have slipped their prisoner the razor blade) and is pushing harder than ever to pull this notion into the light. On the other side though, she has made a connection with Brody that she's finding it hard to define.

    One the moments I found most interesting in this episode was just before Brody hit Mike. Until he saw Jess making her way over, Brody was completely calm and in control, despite having heard firsthand for the first time that his best friend has been schtupping his wife while he was gone. Brody already knew this and, seemingly, accepts it as something that doesn't greatly concern him any more, but as soon as he saw that Jess would see this he lunged at Mike and punched him enough times to make it seemed like he gave a sh*t and then disappeared in his car - to later prove he's perfectly capable of acts of emotional spontaneity when he appears to open up to (and then jump) the conflicted and very drunk Carrie.

    And then finally the flat polygraph on top of this? Everything we're being shown tells us that Brody is a profoundly damaged and altered man with an extremely complex and possibly hopelessly confused agenda.

    Saul, on the other hand, may very well be our mole :D

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