Season 2 Episode 1

The Smile

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Dual Agendas

    Hot off their Emmy sweep all eyes are firmly on Homeland as a creative force to be reckoned with. Following last year's revelation Carrie discovered while doing electro-convulsive therapy she has a bit of memory loss. The story picks up six months after that, Carrie is adjusting to her new life and is now on valium and has a steady treatment plan that works for her. A bit of background knowledge should be noted in the Homeland universe Israel bombs four nuclear plants in Iran after their president threatened to attack them and allegedly killed 3,000 people and there is a massive uprise among Arab nations for America's support of Israel. In Beirut, the largest city in Lebanon, Saul gets word from the wife of a terrorist cell that once worked with Carrie who says she had information on a planned attack on America. She says that she will only speak to Carrie and Carrie gets contacted while teaching her class, she now teacher English as a second language to Arabic speakers, and she tells them to piss off. David Estes waits outside of her house anyway and Saul convinces her to come to Beirut to work the asset so that they can assess the threat of the attack. Carrie decides to go to Lebanon under a Canadian cover ID and doesn't cope well being back in the fold without the net of her sister's home. Meanwhile, Brody has become Congressman and is informed by the Vice President that he is being put on his short list for running for Vice President in the upcoming election. Brody is contacted by a reporter, Ms. Hamid, and is informed that she is in contact with Abu Nazir and tells Brody that his job is not done and that he must go to a meeting with David Estes and break into his safe and copy down drone hovering locations of areas for Nazir. Ms. Hamid creates the opportunity for Brody to snatch the coordinates by demanding to see David about Israel allegedly not disclosing all of the plants it destroyed and says she will run the story anyway. Brody gets it done barely in time, while at school Dana isn't assimilating well to her "future Ivy League" Quaker school. She corrects the Vice President's son who calls Iranians Arabs when they are in fact Persians and incidentally reveals that her dad is a Muslim which no one seems to take seriously and she is set out to be disciplined by the Dean. When Jessica asks Dana why she would say something like that Brody tells her that it's true and she uncovers his Qur'an in the garage and after she chews him out for lying to her she says that "this can't happen" for the life he wants to lead. Brody forgives Dana having let it slip and buries the Qur'an in the backyard in a towel, out of respect. Not sure what Nazir's goal is for Brody, I thought he would only be influencing the Vice President from the sidelines for a little while but apparently Nazir likes to throw his sleepers in head first sometimes. After Tom Walker being killed Brody is the only turned person on American agent of Nazir's left in operation at such a high level. Carrie arriving in Beirut and going to meet Saul gets complicated when two men, who were following his car earlier in the episode, pop up and make Carrie walking by the cafe they were supposed to meet at. He tells her to let them take her into custody as her cover will hold up but Carrie stubbornly gets involved in a chase and goes into a clothing shop and switches Burkas with a woman there and subdues the man following her easily. Still no word on that mole promised to us last season but I guess the writers want to keep us guessing. What happens to Brody and his family is more important than ever if he gets the Vice Presidential nomination. Things jumping off like this really is quite remarkable Homeland doesn't waste anytime pulling us right back into the action and not only making it about Carrie/Brody like it has been. They may be in separate lanes now but somewhere along the line they'll merge again and this planned attack that Carrie's former asset has key info on could be the link to Nazir that Carrie was looking for without Brody in the equation.