Season 1 Episode 11

The Vest

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Carrie Mathison is bi-polar and she has been since her days in college. She was sent to the hospital after the attack on the square without her medication. After being diagnosed with a concussion and cuts on her face her lack of medication causes her to tear apart the hospital staff. She yells at them for not having enough magic markers and Saul is genuinely scared by this episode. He questions her and she tells Saul that her sister has been medicating her. Saul ultimately begins to divide chaperone duties between him and Maggie Mathison – Carrie clearly cannot be left alone in her condition.

While Saul is alarmed by what's happening he's not discounting what Carrie has to say. There has to be some truth buried in there. When Carrie declared that Nazir would never leave all his trust on one single sniper, he sees the wisdom in her remarks, especially since the target is the president. He warns Estes about the sniper who in turn mentions it to the Vice President who is hiding out in an underground bunker. Vice President Walden does not find the suggestion useful and tells Estes to find Walker and fire someone. He also tells Estes that he plans on running for president and he plans to announce this next week.

Brody takes a family trip to Gettysburg. He goes to teach his kids a little about patriotism and to pick up the suicide vest that was assembled earlier. He needs to try it on and get a feel for how it works. He really wants to make sure that vest will provide a clean blow and sever his head from his body so that whoever comes to the scene after can positively ID his body. Dana, however spots him with the suspicious package and doesn't buy his cover up excuse.

Meanwhile, David Estes is too busy using Carrie as a scapegoat for the fact that his department has failed to neutralize any threats that have been identified. She decides to call Brody for help with the Nazir puzzle though it seems that this decision came from her "bad gut." When Estes and his team come into the house to rid it of confidential documents, Saul has figured out Carrie's logic. Walden wanted someone fired and Carrie was the first person to give him reason to be fired.