Season 1 Episode 7

The Weekend

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Carrie impulsively gets in Brody's car. He asks and she tells him he passed the polygraph test. Though she still thinks he's a terrorist, she appears supportive of him. They go to a dive bar and almost get in a fight with a neo-Nazi. They drive off before his cohorts come, and Carrie suggests they go to her family's cabin. Once there, they have drunken sloppy sex.

Saul asks David for permission to apprehend Aileen, who is on her way to Mexico. Permission granted, Saul heads south of the border and is there to greet Aileen when she gets off the boss. She agrees to leave with him rather than go with the Federalies.

At the Brody household, Dana fights with her mom. Since she's grounded, she has her friends come over and they start drinking alcohol. She slams into a glass door and has to be rushed to the hospital. Later, she tells Mike it's hard for her dad to adjust to being home with him around.

On the way back from Mexico, Saul gets Aileen to open up. She tells him that she met Feisel while growing up in Saudi Arabia and they fell in love. Her rich American parents didn't want her to be with a poor Saudi, so they sent her to boarding school to get her away from him. But they reconnected and ended up working together against the United States. Saul tries to relate by telling her about his failing relationship with Mira. In the end, Aileen makes a deal and offers to give a description of the American she and Feisel were working with.

When Brody and Carrie wake up, they plan to spend the day together. Carrie offers to make tea and accidentally reveals she knows Brody's favorite tea. He realizes she's been spying on him and she defends herself by saying it was her job to do so. He tells her to go ahead and ask him anything she wants to know and admits he's a Muslim. He says he killed Tom Walker and thinks fondly of Abu Nazir.

Then Saul calls Carrie and tells her that Aileen gave a description and the sketch artist's composite looks like Tom Walker. Carrie tries to make things right with Brody, but he angrily drives off, leaving her alone in the cabin.