Season 1 Episode 7

The Weekend

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on Showtime

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  • A little slow

    This episode is a little slow but what a greeat story on how far Carrie is willing to go.
  • Amazing twist.

    This episode has changed the way the season will head when Carrie and Brody spend the weekend at a cabin but it leads to Carrie sharing her thoughts with Brody that he has changed and is working for Abu Nazir but while that is going on Saul is working with Aileen to get a sketch of the American that has turned and when Saul asks for Brody's picture I was wondering how he was going to get out of this I only wonder what Carrie was thinking when Saul phoned her and told her she was wrong about Brody All this time we thought that it was Brody but it was Walker who was supposed to be dead This was a brilliant end and it will change a lot of things in the upcoming episodes.
  • The worse episode so far

    This was the worse episode so far. If it wasn't for the last 7 minutes, I would think that the writers run out of ideas. Nevertheless it looks like they did because the whole thing begins to be too fast self-explanatory and a bit naive. I am disappointed with this episode.
  • 107


    "The Weekend" featured a very climatic scene between Carrie and Brody and it did give us a great twist, which may have screwed over the series in the long run, but provided nice fodder for us "prisoner of the moment" folks.

    This was a very strong hour of television as a whole though. The idea of Brody and Carrie "bonding" so quickly was a little bit offputting, but those two characters do have chemistry.

    This show has been consistently good on Sundays though, where it faces some stiff competition.

  • Another great episode, that unpeeled a few more layers of the central characters.


    Hands up who felt like crap for Brody in this one? One second he's experiencing the first peace he's felt in a long time, connecting with someone who seems to 'get him' and who he can relax around and be himself, and the next his whole world comes crashing down around him. Turns out the girl who he's already falling for has another agenda and everything he's been feeling is based on a lie about who she is - or is it? What Brody doesn't understand yet is that Carrie is both the people he's seen, there is no act here, just a woman who's permanently on very thin ice.

    It appears that Carrie can be perfectly in control, whilst at the same time careering off the rails. Either that or she has a unique ability to flip between Work!Carrie and Emotional!Carrie - genuinely connecting emotionally with Brody one second and then baldly accusing him of being a traitor the next. Maybe, as she said herself though, she's "always working!" and there is no separation for her between what she feels and her duty as an intelligence officer.

    Another great sidebar was Saul roadtrip with Aileen, where we learned a little bit more about who he is and what made him Saul (and shame on us for even considering the possibility that he is the traitor!). He really is a master of intuitive interrogation and it isn't hard to see why he's come so far in his particular field, or how he managed to persuade Aileen to give up her present course.

    And I'm pretty sure no-one saw the denouement coming did they? So the guilt and pain Brody has been carrying with him for killing his buddy is based on a shaky premise. Not only is Tom alive, but he's the traitor - a role no doubt easier to cast him him after having his best friend betray him.

    And now my big questions are not 'how will they catch Tom' or 'what will Brody say when he finds out he's alive' but 'how will Brody and Carrie work together going forward' as their partnership is surely going to be at the centre of the drama moving into the later and next season.