Season 3 Episode 5

Yoga Play

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2013 on Showtime
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  • Yoga Play

    Ridiculous name for the episode and pretentious style of writing aside, there was some action here and I actually found myself enjoying it from beginning to end, in that order.
  • Did anyone else think

    Why would Quinn disobey Saul and go in to look for Carrie, gun in hand!? If he was caught it would jeopardize the entire sting, and probably Carrie's life! Made no sense to me.
  • The Yoga Play

    Homeland continued just being another show this week, not transcending as it had been in the superior Season 1 and 2, but now is settling into being a pretty good continuation of what it used to be. This is the second episode in a row without Brody which seems a little odd given how they still bill him as a main cast member. It made sense at the beginning of the season because obviously it would take time to establish a world without him and get us as the viewers acclimated. But after a further two episodes since his return we are left to guess what's up with him sitting in his Caracas "hotel" with Carrie's supposed friend/ally. The good thing about this week is we got to see Zhavadi (not even remotely spelling that correctly), the Iranian intelligence officer who invested in the Venezuelan football club as a now deceased player, crossing the Canadian border into the States to no doubt visit Carrie. His somewhat banal routine of switching cards, spilling food on his shirt, all led to seeing that he had vast henchies in his network and even a mentioned interrogation room. Dana continued being in love with Dreamy McMurderer, who like Dana's boyfriend last season is a terrible driver. "I was looking at you" I'm sure she'd rather have you not kill both you instead dude. She has a thing for bad boy bad drivers, what a rebel indeed. Jessica goes to Carrie, for some reason, to get her help finding Dana. Carrie, after having gone through the worst it seems, risks everything by pulling the "Yoga This is when she knows she has surveillance and pays a look-alike to be in a yoga class while she, Virgil, and Max all go to approach an FBI contact of hers to get Dana back (as if he wasn't doing his best already). Dana finally guesses, thanks to the news, that Dreamy may be behind his bro's death. Dreamy confesses and Dana goes to the cops and gets returned home, ending a rather pointless roadtrip journey. Saul meanwhile, goes to a big duck (goose) hunting excursion with members of state thinking he is going to be given the nod as the new Director the CIA. He runs into and hangs out with Senator Lockhart, playwright Tracy Letts (also billed as a series regular in the credits yet only appeared in the premiere episode for some reason) who informs Saul that Lockhart is getting the nomination and Saul is there to watch it happen and bend to Lockhart's policies or else he will be out of a job. Saul doesn't take this well and gives a great veiled threat of a f**k you speech to Lockhart at the the dinner. Saul is obviously being the stand-in for what Brody was when he filled the role last year as a Congressman and now that Waldon, Estes, and most of the intelligence community with them as well. Saul still has two weeks but I'm sure that with the tight schedule he can no doubt get what needs to be done with the Langley Bombing aftermath investigation done with the appease the statesman, piss off Lockhart, and maybe be the new director after all. But Lockhart also doesn't seem like a good choice at all. For the same reason a lot of critics would make terrible filmmakers, or some food critics would make terrible chefs, just because you understand how something works and can criticize it doesn't mean you know the first thing about running it without any experience in intelligence. Like Saul said, they're not spies anymore, they're assassins which seems to be part of Lockhart's agenda as he embraces the drone program much as Waldon and Estes did. It was great to see Quinn again, even if he was only in the shadows, watching Carrie get abducted from her house on Saul's orders only to disobey orders and find Carrie gone made for some great stuff. He's clearly still feeling the guilt of shooting that boy in the premiere as he broods in the car, Quinn is quickly becoming a favorite of mine after having thought "who the heck is that?" last season with his abrupt introduction. Surely things are picking up now that Carrie is getting taken to see Zhavadi we can get a sense of what he wants and why. I have a theory in regards to Brody. I feel like the guy that claims to know Carrie actually perhaps got sold Brody or is playing him and keeping him in Caracas to frame Brody as a bomber in another attack. Hear me out, in the premiere Quinn took out the banker for the group responsible for the Langley Bombing in Caracas. Zhavadi is laundering his money through there, what are the odds that Brody just happens to be stuck in the end of the line in this place and not somewhere else. It's because Zhavadis network want Brody to be responsible for another attack. Something is going down in Caracas and Brody is the key. The man behind the Langley Bombing hid out in the Caracas and bombed what I presume will be a target of the United States. Or they want to use him and his image in some way to strengthen their cause by Brody taking credit for it in some way. That's just a theory but with what little we've gotten on the subject along with the logic behind the coincidences that's what I believe will happen in the weeks to come once Carrie is in the fold of Zhavadi. Decent episode, hopefully we get some Brody back into our lives soon as I know that they can't keep him hiding in that tower forever. Also Mira, some guy Saul's never met having dinner at your house? Really? It's a wonder your marriage is a sham. But to be fair it's not like Saul has really been there lately either but his mistress is at least his work having hushed conversations with Quinn and Carrie over the phone.moreless
  • damn this episode was smooth

    everything that homeland needs in an episode
  • Saul's Bad Day

    The Yoga Play didn't sound like a rousing title and it lived up to it. Let's get that title outta the way first. Carrie uses this so called yoga play ruse to evade anyone who has eyes on her. As in right in the middle of, perhaps, her biggest covert operation she risks it to expound to a FBI agent he better bring in the runaway Dana Brody. Fortunately Peter Quinn keeps his vigil and protects Carrie from her possible big blunder. This makes so little sense it's incalculable, yet it seemed to still work as her middle eastern connections likely went about business as usual kidnapping her for her meeting.

    Saul continues to attract all manner of plain bad luck. Believing he is on a politico high roller hunting trip to snooze him to take the full time CIA director's job he gets shanghaied. Senator Lockhart bluntly tells him he will be, upon confirmation, the successor to the job. Furthermore, unless Saul gets with the new program he's SOL jobless. Saul doesn't take it lying down and gives a prescient speech praising Lockhart's likely cluelessness to take an early leave. Upon arriving home Saul finds Mira entertaining a friend thus bookending his problems. At least he has a couple of weeks left to do whatever he wants.

    But, there's some good news. The Javadi character is still on the line and wants to turn Carrie into his own CIA leak.

    The Yoga Play may be a necessary episode, but it seemed clumsy and slow paced. Homeland is definitely best when it plays it straight with action of which there was precious little. The Dana side story (forget Jess; inane reaching out to Carrie for help) cheapened the gravity of Carrie and Saul's possibly brilliant long shot play. One thing is still clear: even when Homeland is not the best it is still messing around with greatness. There's a lot happening underneath the slow pace here and it is all big stuff. As a long time viewer you sense you just have to have patience. Missing and hoped for: Brody's return and some nail bitting action!moreless

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