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Summer Burn-off

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    ABC (WCVB) appears to be burning off unaired episodes on Sunday afternoons. This week there was an episode on at 5pm, next week there's one scheduled for 2pm August 30th, then one for 5pm the following week. Not all stations seem to be airing them, so it could be just that one channel.

    Episode titles (According to Canoe):

    There Goes Another Broken Heart - Aug. 23rd

    Were You Actually On The Bachelor? - Aug. 30th

    Strip Clubs. Open On Thursday. Hmmm. - Sept. 6th

    I don't know if there are more after the one on the 6th. I think there were 13 episodes in the series and 8 were aired before cancellation.

    Appearently, two episodes have aired already: We're A Nation Of Immigrants and What Kind of Grades Did You Get In Recess?

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