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Homewrecker is the ultimate in anti-makeover reality shows. Your host Ryan Dunn, helps an aggravated roommate get back at their roommate, who has done them wrong. Armed with a crew of skillful and creative home redecorators, Ryan Dunn leads the disgruntled roommate to the land of sweet revenge by redecorating with a malicious intent. So if you come home and see your room covered in hair and your most prized possessions floating in jelly, you know you're on Homewrecker.
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  • Homewrecker was a great show, they should bring it bsck

    Homewrecker was so funny. Ryan Dunn was great in the show. Every episode Ryan Dunn helped someone get back at one of their friends by ruining their entire room. In one episode Ryan Dunn turned someone's room into a mens locker with an overflowing toilet and showers. Once the person that messed with one of thier friends gets back to their house, they see Ryan Dunn. He shows them their new room. Once they see their room, they are so mad. They make themwish that they never pullled the prank on their friend. MTV should put Homewrecker back on the air.moreless

    I LOVE Ryan Dunn and when i saw that he had he's own TV show l thought l have to see this.

    And i'm so glad i did. What he does to peoples bedrooms is so imaginative and so extreme.

    To create such a complex prank takes time and a lot of thought.

    All l could think of was this poor dudes bedroom but l couldn't stop laughing. And the DIY Pranks (must admit i've tried a few)

    Loved watching it.

    Wish there are more episodes.

    Such a shame it took so long to get to australia.moreless
  • Funny show and the Pranks are awesome!!

    Even though Viva La Bam was way better than this, it is still a Freakin' Hilarious show. The new room make overs that Dunn does to the rooms are crazy. They range from bathrooms and old-people parties to chicken coops in thier rooms. My favorite part of the show is tha prank of the day. I don't see how they come up with so good pranks. Its really a great show.moreless
  • prank it up!

    i like a lot of the pranks and have tried a few on my brother. that does not make me a bad person, just a horrible one instead. i like that they show you how to get pranks done the professional way, and that he does it to himself. good show!
  • yea dunn, great show

    ryan dunn's show is pretty cool and funny to watch.... i wont lie though when i first saw it i didn't kno what to think, you kno i was thinking i was goin to watch a like reality show from dunn and it being live viva la bam, but it wasn't. but as the more i kept watching it the more i loved the show, and i love the fact that dunn shows you pranks to do at home.... so april fools day is going to be killer in my house.moreless

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