Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 6 Episode 1

Blood Ties (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 1997 on NBC



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    • Lewis: Hey Gee.
      Lt. Giardello: Go away Lewis.
      Lewis: What, your not even gonna give me a hug. My first day back on homicide.
      Lt. Giardello: It feels like you never left. Using our coffee machines eating our donuts.
      Lewis: Yeah, well you know those guys up in vice they wouldn't know a cracker from a crumpet.

    • Pembleton: Hey Munch, where's Brodie?
      Munch: PBS aired his documentary, he won an Emmy and moved to LA.
      Bayliss: An Emmy? They give those things to anybody.

    • Bayliss: Homicide, sweet homicide. Our long exile is finally over.
      Pembleton: We've only been on rotation for three months.
      Bayliss: Felt like six. Come on Frank, you hated robbery as much as I did.
      Pembleton: No I loved robbery. Robbery was relaxing.
      Bayliss: Right, right, right, all those petty criminals and their petty little crimes. Take the wallet, pawn the bracelet, keep the cash. Give me homicide or give me death.

    • "Tell Detective Kellerman he'll be hearing from me soon." -Georgia Rae Mahoney

    • Georgia Rae Mahoney: "Have we met?"
      Kellerman: "No, but I once had the pleasure of shooting your brother."

  • Notes

    • Music in this episode: Inxs "Elegantly Wasted" alb: Elegantly Wasted; Jason Stevens Quartet " " alb: Say What; Run On "Bring Her Blues" alb: No Way; Terrell "Black and White Blues" alb: Beautiful Side of Madness.

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