Homicide: Life on the Street

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  • Season 7
    • Forgive Us Our Trespasses
      Sheppard and Bayliss await the trial of Luke Ryland, the Internet killer. A number of delays keep the hearing from being held; the last time it is because Danvers can't make it due to being held up in another trial. Because of a technicality in the law, Ryland is set free. Bayliss is outraged and winds up pushing Danvers, who later threatens to put Bayliss up on charges. Gee's daughter Teresa arrives, to help with the celebration of her father's promotion. Gee asks Bayliss to apologize to Danvers and Bayliss declines. Lewis and Falsone look into the murder of a drug addict whose husband looks like the most probable suspect. The victim's mother-in-law isn't very cooperative and her sister is a nun who thinks her brother-in-law is an architect. Gee worries about whether or not he will be able to perform in his new role as Captain of the property crimes division, later he turns down the promotion. Bayliss and Lewis have words about the way each other handle their memories of the past. Munch and Billie Lou get married, with Gee and Ballard as the witnesses; however, Munch's six weeks of celibacy result in a "premature" end to the wedding night activities. The drug addict's husband is found, questioned and charged; the nun asks to see her brother-in-law, so that she may forgive him for his actions. Lewis reconsiders his position on Sheppard, when his comment about the nun's ability for forgiveness and Falsone's response gets him thinking. Bayliss warns Luke Ryland that he'll be watching him. Ryland says he is leaving town, but Bayliss can always find him on the Internet. Bayliss talks with Munch about Gordon Pratt (the man who shot Bolander, Howard and Felton) and confesses to Munch that he once suspected that Munch might have been the one to kill Pratt. Bayliss also goes to visit Danvers and apologizes. Lewis asks Sheppard to partner with him on a case. Bayliss packs up his things and quietly leaves the Homicide unit. The body found is Luke Ryland's.moreless
    • Homicide: The Movie
      Gee is running for mayor and one part of his platform is a plan is the legalization of drugs. As he is making an appearance at the Inner Harbor, he is shot multiple times. Current and former members of the Homicide unit receive the news and begin to converge on the hospital and the unit. Bayliss returns from his self-imposed sabbatical; Pembleton stops the class he is teaching and they go back to the unit along with Howard, where Lt. Gharty and the squad are beginning their quest to find the shooter. Bolander, Russert and later Brodie arrive at the hospital. MGee is hostile with the media and is angry with himself for his feelings that he still hasn't fully reconciled his relationship with his father. Pembleton detects that Bayliss is jumpy about Lewis' open case involving Luke Ryland. Pembleton and Bayliss go into the box and take over the interview of homeless guy that grabbed Giardello, just before the shooting. Det. Hall brings a complaint to Gaffney about losing his interview. Gaffney comes down to bust Gharty's balls and tells Pembleton that as a civilian he needs to get out of this official investigation. The detectives begin investigating people from Gee's past, enemies, etc. On their own, Pembleton and Bayliss begin their own investigation.

      Munch and Billie Lou have a few words, but it isn't clear that it was Stu Gharty that caused their break-up, as Munch had explained to his colleagues in the Special Victims Unit back in New York.

      While Gee is on the operating table, the surgical team becomes the victim of a second shooting. One theory that is speculated is that someone in the department might be responsible. Pembleton and Bayliss join Ballard and Stivers in their reviewing of videotapes. ME's Griscom and Cox stop at the hospital to theorize about the forensics of Gee's shooting, over Gee's still breathing body. MGee and Kellerman visit the old neighborhood to follow MGee's hunch, but Kellerman rightly identifies it as a dead end. Gee returns to consciousness. After Ballard and Stivers leave to pursue other leads, Pembleton sees a "puff a smoke" on one of the videotapes. Pembleton and Bayliss gives Gharty the news and some backbone (Gharty's a self confessed stooge for the bosses to get off the street), they visit the cameraman who was near the puff of smoke. The cameraman confesses to the Inner Harbor shooting. Later, Bayliss confesses to Pembleton that he killed Luke Ryland, but Pembleton doesn't want to hear it. Frank Pembleton comes in for one day and closes two cases, although we don't really know what happens to Bayliss after his confession. Meanwhile, the rest of the detectives gather at the Waterfront Bar to celebrate the closing of the case, but Brodie arrives bringing bad news, Gee has died as the result of an aneurysm. In the end, Gee finds himself playing cards in the break room with Crosetti, Felton and another empty chair.moreless
    • The Why Chromosome
      The Why Chromosome
      Episode 21
      When the men are nowhere to be found, Sheppard and Ballard team up to investigate the death of young girl, who's a teenage gang member. With the wedding one week away, Billie Lou asks for Munch's help with her neighbor's abusive boyfriend. After Munch approaches him strongly, the boyfriend retaliates by coming to the Waterfront and slamming Billie Lou's head on the bar. Munch claims he came on strong with the guy, because his "testosterone riddled behavior" was due to the celibacy Billie Lou imposed on him, to make their wedding night more special. Billie Lou wants to delay the wedding until the welt on her forehead goes away in about 3 weeks. After Sheppard and Ballard solve their case, Sheppard reminds Lewis that his problem with her is not going to keep her from doing her job.moreless
    • Lines of Fire
      Lines of Fire
      Episode 20
      Emmet Carey is holding his two children hostage in the apartment of his wife's sister. He sees MGee on television and decides that he will talk only to him and occasionally Gharty who is also on the scene. The wife also shows up on the scene and gets past the security. Her screaming sets of Emmet, who fires two shots out that window that strike his wife dead. MGee has to keep the information from him as they continue to negotiate. The crisis ends when Emmet releases his stepdaughter, but makes a deadly choice for himself and his son.moreless
    • Identity Crisis
      Identity Crisis
      Episode 19
      Falsone and Lewis investigate the murder of a man in his own backyard. The victim's nose was removed from his body. Ballard and Gharty investigate the murder of a bartender at a strip club. Canvassing the neighbors, Falsone feels that one of the neighbors isn't what she appears to be. Later when they interview her husband, he gets the same feeling. The MEs complete a record setting day of completing autopsies, but find themselves with one unidentified extra body. Munch and Bayliss get the call, but insist that until they can get a crime scene to go to, the problem isn't theirs. Griscom finds the crime scene in the morgue freezer. Ballard mentions to Gharty that he might want to consider stopping his drinking. Falsone's theory about the victim's neighbors proves true when MGee checks into the Witness Protection program. MGee's phone call puts the wheels in motion to get the family moved. Falsone and Lewis arrive just in time to take their suspect into custody and away from the Feds. The suspect in Ballard and Gharty's case is a transvestite hooker who isn't very smart. Gharty decides to follow Ballard's suggestion to stop drinking for a month. MGee feels betrayed by the Bureau and decides that his only choice is resignation.moreless
    • Self Defense
      Self Defense
      Episode 18
      In Stivers and Falsone's case, a man is found shot dead in his bed, with no signs of a struggle. Gee lobbies Barnfather to find a way to get them the ability to have some control over their FBI liaison, so they don't experience the same problems they had with the Janine McBride case. Barnfather lets Gee know that there is Captain's position opening up and he should be inline for it with no catches. Lewis lets Ballard accompany him on a bar stabbing, when she accuses him of being afraid to work with a female, since the incident with Sheppard. While she does get to help him with the initial investigation, Lewis manages to work the rest of the case on his own, leaving her to handle the details. Meanwhile, Ballard's usual partner Gharty spends a "mental health day" at the Waterfront Bar, drinking and proposing to Billie Lou. Stivers and Falsone discover their victim had a bad breakup with his ex-wife Eleanor Burke, and she admits to committing the crime; however, as an assistant US attorney, she plan's on using "Battered Spouse Syndrome" as the defense that will let her plead this as a case of self-defense. Ironic since the victim showed no signs of struggle. Falsone follows Ballard, when he finds out that she has joined the ME's duckpin bowling team. The judge on the murder case feels that no one is speaking for the victim, since Danvers seems to be doing little to prosecute, so he sets the bail high. Danvers asks Gee to talk with the judge, who he knows is an old friend of Gees, to see if he can't get him to change his ruling. Gee understands where the judge is coming from and makes a stand on it that Barnfather thinks is not politically correct for Gee's pending promotion. MGee reveals evidence he had in his possession that implicates Burke in her crime, that he was holding back because of pressures he was getting regarding his father's possible promotion. The charges are upgraded to 2nd degree murder.moreless
    • Zen and the Art of Murder
      Lewis and Munch begin to investigate the death of a Buddhist monk beaten to death. Lewis isn't interested in working the case with Bayliss, whom he feels, may become too emotionally involved. Ballard and Falsone agree to call their relationship quits. Ballard and Gharty's case involves a man who was shot down in the street; the three witnesses that saw the shooter all have different recollections of his appearance. As a result, their prime suspect cannot be charged. Gee asks for Bayliss's assistance in the Buddhist murder and to Lewis's dismay, Munch abdicates his position in the investigation to Bayliss. Lewis and Bayliss take different approaches to the investigation. Bayliss's approach leads him to the man who committed the crime, but cornering his suspect leads to a showdown with guns and Bayliss fires a fatal shot. Later Bayliss tries to reconcile the shooting with his own feelings about being a Buddhist and being a cop.moreless
    • Truth Will Out
      Truth Will Out
      Episode 16
      A woman comes looking for Falsone, knowing that he solved a real old case, wants him to look into a case for her from 1972. Her parents told her that she was responsible for her younger brother's death. Despite being three years old at the time, the woman has doubts about her parents' story. So Falsone and Stivers reopen this case, which was closed by Gee when he was a new detective. The reopening of the case makes Gee think that he may not have been totally focused on the case at the time. Their investigation reveals the woman's mother used her as a scapegoat for the mother's crime. Bayliss and Ballard's case involves a body that was shot, but the victim was already dead from a drug overdose. The male sergeant at the scene piques Bayliss's interest, so they get together for drinks. Their relationship doesn't develop, because word is spreading about Bayliss being the owner of the "In Plain Site" web site. Bayliss begins feeling pressure about his being different and considers celibacy. Ballard may consider the same option, when her relationship with Falsone becomes difficult to maintain as a secret.moreless
    • Sideshow (2)
      Sideshow (2)
      Episode 15
      Danvers brings news of his appointment to the District Court bench as the investigation of a government official named Janine McBride, begun on Law & Order continues in New York. Their prime suspect, Chesley Purcell, is dead and her shooter, Ned Burks, is in the hands of the Feds. What was her connection back to Washington? Gee expresses his anger with MGee over letting his "ham fisted" bosses at the FBI know what was going on, since they in turn had informed Wm. Dell, the Independent Counsel. Burks is given a limited amount of immunity for his testimony to Dell, but McCoy and Danvers get an order that allows them to be present at his questioning; but neither the Independent Counsel nor McCoy and Danvers get anything useful. Meanwhile, the Baltimore detectives investigate the background of Chesley Purcell and it turns up the name of a man in prison who still appears to be running his organization. So there could be no more leaks, MGee asks to be kept out of the investigation. Munch and Sheppard question Walter Boyce, the prisoner who arranged the hit on McBride. Lewis is still worried about Sheppard's ability to perform on the street and Stivers is still trying to "get right" with Sheppard's actions during the incident where Sheppard was beaten up. Boyce is to be rewarded by someone with connections at the White House. Danvers appeals to the judge to do the right thing and deny Boyce the hearing that may get him released from prison early. Walter Dawkins, who is located in the White House, denies having any knowledge of Boyce. MGee finds information that McBride, the original victim in this case, was going to be a witness in Dell's investigation. When all the facts come together, it's Danvers and McCoy who believe they will be able to subpoena Dell to testify in their case. The Independent Counsel has information on Danvers' past, and Danvers appeals to Gee and the Baltimore CID for help. For Danvers it means he will probably lose approval of his judgeship. All the hard work of the Baltimore and New York detectives and attorneys only helps Dell to get the witness he needs to continue going after the Administration.moreless
    • A Case of Do or Die
      Ballard and Bayliss are called to the scene of the mysterious death of a woman, whose body is found at the bottom of a forty-foot cliff. This victim was to be married the following morning. The two detectives work to determine whether the death was accidental or intentional (via murder or suicide). Meanwhile Sheppard and MGee begin investigating the death of a movie patron, whose body was discovered after the show ended and the theater cleared out. MGee mentions to Sheppard that his sister is about to have a baby, which means Gee is about to become a grandfather. Their investigation reveals that the movie patron was regularly loud and obnoxious and thus bad for business. When an overdose of a sedative is found in his bloodstream, the detectives question the theater owner, who was currently in litigation with the victim. Unfortunately for Ballard and Bayliss, their case remains unsolved.moreless
    • Homicide.com
      Episode 13
      The Internet is stage for a ritual murder, which was staged -- which was staged, or was it? The body is found the following morning and Sheppard takes the call, her first since the beating. Since Lewis can't be found, she partners with Bayliss. Second shift detectives Bonaventura and Austin catch word of the day shift's case. It seems the victim in Sheppard's case was a witness they had interviewed the day before about an online murder hoax. The detectives are informed about another murder that is scheduled for midnight. It's a red ball. The detectives try to put the clues together, but come up with nothing and must wait until the netcast begins before they can trace the killer. The trace is successful, but when they arrive at the scene, the killer has left them a computer with the words "Ha Ha Fooled You." Barnfather wants Bayliss reassigned as primary if something doesn't turn up soon. Sheppard goes online to flush out the killer. He advertises another murder will take place at www.inplainsite.com, which turns out to be a web site run by Bayliss. The webcast begins, the killer's cell phone signal is tracked and he is apprehended.moreless
    • The Same Coin
      The Same Coin
      Episode 12
      Gharty has a Vietnam flashback. Sheppard is placed back into rotation. Lewis asks Falsone to switch cases, as Lewis is still unsure about Sheppard's ability to be back on the street in the part of town where their call lies. Munch and MGee work a case where the victim was from a hit and run. One of the victim's possessions is a knife that has some meaning for Gharty, who later is able to recognize the tattoo found on the victim. Sheppard confronts Lewis about the case switch. She and Stivers talk more after Stivers, working with Falsone, sees him "go off" on a potential witness. Munch and MGee find their hit and run vehicle, a rental SUV, whose renter claims to know nothing of the incident and says he had filed a stolen vehicle report. Munch pulls the victim's DOD file and - for good measure - Gharty's! Munch begins to spread doubts with the other detectives about Gharty's Vietnam experience; because the file tells him that Gharty had a less than honorable discharge. A kid, who had stolen the SUV, comes forward with his mother apologizing for the hit and run. When Ballard asks Gharty about Vietnam and mentions Munch's name, Gharty goes to the Waterfront to confront Munch. In the ensuing confrontation, Billie Lou's bass playing hand is injured, and then Gharty tells his Vietnam story.moreless
    • Bones of Contention
      A body buried for 6 - 20 years is uncovered at a construction site. Munch and Lewis begin the process of trying to solve this old crime. Falsone and Ballard's relationship has heated up, and that fact becomes apparent to their fellow detectives. Sheppard returns to work, but is discouraged when Gee assigns her to desk duty. Gharty tells Billie Lou that he'll attend her bass-playing concert. Munch & Lewis with help from the ME and MGee, identify the body and then begin to piece together what happened to her. Gee lays down the law to Ballard & Falsone: they have to knock it off if they want to stay working on the same shift; they agree.moreless
    • Shades of Gray
      Shades of Gray
      Episode 10
      A white bus driver striking a black female pedestrian sparks a riot. The driver is killed, and some distance away from the riot another body is found. MGee and Gharty look into the death of the driver while Lewis and Sheppard look into death of the other body. Lewis finds a clue at the scene, a button (later discovered to be missing from a police uniform). Gharty and MGee actively debate whether race was the motivation for the driver's beating death; MGee suspects the incident wasn't racially motivated. The bus riders are interviewed to find out what they know. Lewis and Sheppard approach a house looking for their witness (without backup). For her trouble Sheppard keeps hold of her suspect, but loses her gun and is severely beaten. Ballard is recalled from her hiking vacation. Lewis lays down the law for the residents of "Little Jamaica"; he wants Sheppard's gun returned tonight. The witness Sheppard caught identifies Hellriegel as the murderer, and the men who beat the driver to death are also identified. The gun is returned.moreless
    • Kellerman, P.I. (2)
      Debbie Straub signs the plea agreement, pointing to Craig as the killer of the baby. Falsone wants more time to work on the case. Danvers reminds Kellerman there was a time when the truth mattered more than his paycheck. Gharty goes off when Sheppard and MGee ask to many questions about Kellerman's leaving of the homicide unit. Kellerman appears to begin doing the right thing, but doesn't pass anything on to anyone who might be able to do anything with it. Craig believes that Debbie isn't going to let him down and he has no plans to testify on his own behalf. Ballard searches for a dinner date when Falsone leaves a message he won't be joining her. When she sees him in the Waterfront later, she lets him know how she feels about his method of communication. The case goes to trial, Debbie testifies that Craig killed the baby; with no evidence to the contrary, the jury finds Craig guilty. Falsone talks with Craig about what really happened; however, it is all to no avail as the following morning Craig hangs himself, literally. Later that day, Falsone receives an "anonymous" tip with recorded messages from Debbie to Craig; unfortunately, Danvers says the information isn't going to do them any good at this point of the case. Kellerman and Falsone make some sort of peace with each other.moreless
    • Kellerman, P.I. (1)
      Mike Kellerman's new vocation is private investigation, where the majority of the work involves catching cheating spouses. Falsone and Stivers catch a case where a newborn baby's body is found buried behind a motel. A young couple had checked into the room where the baby was delivered. The room was paid for using the girl's credit card. When they locate the girl (Debbie at home with her parents), she collapses and is brought to the hospital. The boy, Craig, is also located. Both say that the baby was stillborn; however, the autopsy reveals that the baby took a breath after it was born, so the death is ruled a homicide. Falsone notes that of the two, only the boy Craig seems to show any compassion for the baby. Kellerman meets Sheppard for a beer and tries to ask her about Falsone's baby case, later he asks around the squad room. Kellerman is hired to conduct his own investigation by the girl's defense team. Gee demands that Falsone and Stivers find convicting evidence before Kellerman finds anything. Kellerman advises his clients that their daughter needs to make a deal that convicts her boyfriend. They know that she won't do that, so they ask him to try to scare her into making the deal. The boy and girl stick to their story. Using a grand jury, Danvers plans to go for a manslaughter charge. While the jury is out Kellerman recommends to his clients that they don't post bail for their daughter, instead let her get a taste of what jail is like, maybe that will convince her to make a deal. The grand jury grants the indictments and bail is not posted, the boy and girl are sent to jail. A short time after being put into her cell, the girl calls her parents asking to be let out, saying, "Craig was the one that murdered IT."moreless
    • Wanted Dead or Alive (2)
      Lewis is transported to the hospital, as is the passenger of the car that MGee hit. Gharty is worked up about women and finances, because he and Flora and their lawyers are going to be working out the financial details of their divorce. Gee & MGee are not interested in cooperating with the bounty hunters; however, Knoll is the only one who can get any information on the whereabouts of Errico from Errico's mother. She has promised to page Knoll when her son calls. (Joe Errico has gone south to Miami.) Knoll offers to pay the expenses of having homicide detectives go to Miami and work with him, but Gee declines that generous offer and sends his detectives separately. In Miami, Bayliss and MGee work with Knoll to capture Errico. Knoll offers to split the huge bounty with the homicide detectives, which they of course refuse. MGee decides that the best use for the bounty might be for the man whose wife had died from the injuries she sustained in the car accident.moreless
    • Wanted Dead or Alive (1)
      Bounty hunters shoot, killing the wrong man, as they enter a building where their fugitive---a man named Joe Errico---has shot at them (and subsequently gotten away). Gharty has vague memories of a drinking binge from the night before. Falsone and Stivers catch the bounty-hunter case. Sheppard, during her days with the fugitive squad, had dealings with the head bounty hunter. Gaffney stops Gee and MGee on their way in, Baltimore magazine wants to do a father and son piece, using the wine case as a focal point. Gee is not interested, especially about the use of the wine case. Gharty struggles as he tries to reconstruct the events of the night before. Munch is bothered by Gharty's stories of Vietnam and each grows to dislike the other - perhaps some competitiveness over Billie Lou is beginning to brew here. Bounty hunter P.J. Johnson, who was identified as the triggerman, is charged and placed in one of the holding cells, near some of his previously captured quarry. Within an hour his bail is posted. Ironically, the next day HE jumps bail. The other bounty hunters join with the homicide detectives in their attempt to locate the original target, Joe Errico, whom they suspect P.J. is still going after. When MGee & Lewis and bounty hunter Lichte are in pursuit of the suspects, they collide with an elderly couple. P.J. stops his pursuit to offer assistance as Errico gets away. Lewis appears to be critically injured.moreless
    • Red, Red Wine
      Red, Red Wine
      Episode 5
      Ballard is annoyed when she finds out that the fact that she had a date with Falsone is around the squad room. Munch has a doctor's appointment and he's not talking about it. Dr. Griscom calls on the homicide unit when he sees a number of deaths that are related by a poison named phosphozine. The FBI steps in on the poisonings and they put MGee in charge of a task force; they consider it an act of domestic terrorism. One of the victims was a priest; two others were his parishioners. Gharty suspects the communion wine. Following this idea, wine bottles are collected from churches around the city. A needle hole is found through one of the corks. A citywide canvassing of all places where wine can be purchased is launched. Gee disagrees with the bureau's policy of keep information from the public. One possible suspect is captured; however, strange as he is, he's not the one. Through an internal leak, the media is alerted and warns the public, sparking chaos. MGee suspects the source of the media leak is his father and Gee doesn't deny it. Further investigations lead to a phosphozine delivery in which one bottle was allegedly damaged and discarded, the delivery driver (whom Bayliss & Sheppard had encountered) is arrested.moreless
    • The Twenty Percent Solution
      A woman brings to the homicide unit her mystery-writer husband's videotaped declaration that his literary agent is responsible for his murder. Ballard and Gharty catch the case -- only there is no body or crime scene. Meanwhile, Munch and Bayliss investigate the death of an elderly woman that occurred during a break-in -- was it a homicide? Munch would rather leave for his weekend rendezvous with Billie Lou. Ballard and Gharty's investigation becomes a red-ball as they find evidence in the writer's office that a crime was committed. A break leads to the arrest of the literary agent and his accomplice, although Danvers can't guarantee a conviction. Falsone asks Ballard if she would like to go out Saturday night; just then the jury comes back. And a sharp-eyed juror insures that justice is done.moreless
    • Just an Old Fashioned Love Song
      MGee (Mike Giardello) and Ballard investigate a double shooting at the home of a prominent sports doctor and his wife, a dermatologist. The doctor (who was wounded) did not realize the deceased (thought to be a prowler) was his sister-in-law. Munch contends with the IRS; his Waterfront partners want him to make sure that his cousin, their accountant, has been paying their taxes. The Waterfront needs a loan to pay for some improvements. Gharty has taken the day off, to take care of personal matters, like his recent separation from Flora. Munch has his hearing with the IRS; he owes $30,000 in back taxes. Bayliss and Sheppard discuss his sexuality and the possibility of a date. Falsone takes MGee and Ballard to meet an old fight man who knew their doctor. Ballard becomes excited while watching Falsone spar in the ring. MGee and Ballard's investigation lead them right back to the doctor's house, where his wife may be guilty of conspiracy to commit homicide. Gharty stops by the Waterfront to check on Billie Lou's availability.moreless
    • Brotherly Love
      Brotherly Love
      Episode 2
      Sheppard and Lewis investigate the death of a man who has a twin brother. Gharty talks about wanting to live his life; he and Ballard go to the hospital to investigate the death of a teenager. Bayliss has interest in Sheppard; later he seeks advice from Stivers, who tells him to get in line behind Lewis and Falsone. Lewis and Sheppard interview the remaining twin and his mother; she confirms his story and they try to point to the dead twin's girlfriend. Meanwhile the friend of the teenage victim in Ballard and Gharty's case confesses that his friend wasn't shot in Baltimore, but rather D.C.; he drove his friend back to Baltimore so their parent's wouldn't "kill them" for buying drugs in D.C. Gee hopes to get the case moved to D.C. Mike Giardello puts in for his FBI transfer, but the only openings they have in the area are for liaisons to local police departments. He interviews with Gaffney, who is so open to the idea, he can't wait to tell Gee. That's something Mike was going to wait for the right moment to do. Ballard and Gharty can't get their case transferred to D.C.; instead, a D.C. cop, Landrewsky, joins their investigation -- although the victim's friend has given them little to go on. Lewis and Sheppard work on the surviving twin and his mother to try and break their case. Mike and his father discuss their new working relationship. Ballard, Gharty, Landrewsky and their witness drive around DC, hoping to trigger the witness's memory -- no luck there. Gharty mentions the fact that he's left Flora. Mike moves into his new workspace.moreless
    • La Famiglia
      La Famiglia
      Episode 1
      Bayliss returns to duty to discover the bosses have renovated the squad room in an attempt to make everyone forget the tragedy of last May. Gharty and Ballard have also returned and Ballard debates about whether she should ask Falsone to the Lodge party. New detective, Rene Sheppard, tells her just to go for it. Seizing the opportunity, Lewis goes for it and asks Sheppard to the party; it seems that he and Barbara have separated and are on their way to divorce. Meanwhile, Falsone speculates if he should ask Sheppard to the party. The first case Bayliss catches, now partnered with Munch, involves the dismembered body of Angelo Faltislo, a friend of Gee's cousin, Mario Giardello. Stivers and Falsone's case is similar: Leo Grimaldi, another friend of Mario, is also found dead. When Gee goes to question cousin Mario, he finds Mario's body in the same condition as that of his friends. Gee's estranged son, Mike Giardello, an FBI agent in Arizona, returns for the funeral. Mike asks Falsone (who initially declines) if he can help with the investigation. Mike discovers an old family secret is the key to the murders that key having just been released from prison. Mike's surveillance of the key's offspring reveals that they are involved and they are arrested. However, even with all the evidence -- nobody's talking; Danvers can only assure that two of the three murders can be closed with convictions; the Giardello case remains open. Mike and Gee work on reducing the strain in their relationship and Mike decides he is going to ask the FBI for a transfer that will get him back to Baltimore.moreless
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