Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 3 Episode 3

Extreme Unction

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

A monsignor from a Church offers Russert a donation, and wants the murders to become publicly known. Now feeling pressure from the media as well as the church, Russert is confronted by Howard, they talk about her relationship with Felton.

Mary Maude Wilgis, who claims to have information on one of the murders, comes in to the precinct. Pembleton takes one look at her and thinks she just wants something. Pembleton takes Wilgis to "the box" where he soon learns she suffers from multiple personality disorder. Pembleton's thoughts soon change and he begins to realize exactly how troubled Wilgis really is. With Russert and Gee looking on, Pembleton gets close to Wilgis, in order to get information. Just as Pembleton is getting one of Wilgis' many sides to write a confession, her lawyer busts in. Pembleton gets upset and tells Gee he only needed a bit more time.

Wilgis, along with her lawyer make a confession on TV, milking her multiple personality disorder.

A health inspector comes in to check on Munch, Lewis and Bayliss' bar. The bar quest is going forward once again, after Bayliss resubmitted information for his liquor license. Bayliss makes a scene as the inspector is leaving, showing how he feels about bureaucracies.

Felton has a talk with Russert and ends their relationship, after he's spent time with his children. Later, Howard drives Felton back to his house, where he is seen entering with his kids in his arms.

Pembleton gets a package, inside is Wilgis' red wig, too little too late. An upset Pembleton goes to talk with Wilgis and asks her about the white gloves, found on the corpses of each of her victims. After Wilgis explains, Pembleton who has been discovering more about his faith tells her, that even if she walks on the charges, God will punish her.
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