Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 6 Episode 23

Fallen Heroes (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 08, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The doughnut that Kellerman is eating disappears when he is talking to Pembleton & Falsone about the Mahoney shooting, then reappears when Falsone hands him the clip-board to write his confession on.

  • Quotes

    • Lt. Giardello: Frank.
      Pembleton: I'm done.
      Lt. Giardello: What?
      Pembleton: Bayliss is hit because of what? A partner who can't get him through safely to the end of the shift.
      Lt. Giardello: Look, this is not your fault.
      Pembleton: Yeah, it's mine and I'll carry it. I gotta carry it. Bayliss is in there because of me, and you and Lewis, Kellerman and Stivers. All of it. But what is it? What is it really?
      Lt. Giardello: Frank.
      Pembleton: It's a lie, a damn lie. Now maybe you can live with this lie but me I just walked into the box with a man I served with, a fellow detective, Kellerman. I watched him turn the dirt. You told me to do it, I did it. Now you want me to look away. Live this lie. If I'd listened to you, if I'd just listened I never would have come back to this job. And Tim, Tim's not laying in that bed with all those damn tubes sticking out of him. I know that smell, it smells like death. I couldn't listen to that. There's no truth for me anymore, not anymore. I can't be out on the street. I'm never going back in that box ever again. It's done. I'm finished. Thank you.

    • Pembleton: Dear God, make Bayliss fight. God, please, I swear I will do anything. Let him live. I'm askin'. I'm beggin'. Help my friend, I want him to live.

    • Virginia Bayliss: He thinks the world of you. He says that you're his friend. He says you're not a person who has friends but that he's your friend.

    • Bayliss: You know something I didn't see it, I didn't see it coming, didn't see him. And he's coming in there playin' all hard. But we get a lot of guys that come in there doin' that same thing, you know.
      Pembleton: You think we were supposed to know he was the one? That this punk, out of all the other punks that come through the squad room, this one's going over the top? Please.
      Bayliss: While I'm runnin' round to my gun locker and I'm trying to get my back up gun because my gun is in my desk. It's in the bottom left draw. He's blowin' up the place, and my guns sittin' down there, it's sittin' with the pencils, with the paper clips.
      Pembleton: Nobody was ready.
      Bayliss: Well I'm ready now.
      Pembleton: Ready for what?
      Bayliss: Anything Frank. Anywhere.

  • Notes

    • Andre Braugher and Reed Diamond leave the series after this episode. Diamond would return for a 2 parter in season 7, and the TV Movie, Braugher would return for the TV Movie.

    • One of the commercials shown during the broadcast of this episode advertised that some episodes from the series were made available for commercial purchase. They may have been testing the waters, because it has been reported to me that they've only released one boxed set containing three tapes each containing one episode. The episodes featured are contained #1 "Gone for Goode", #22 "Every Mother's Son", and #39 "A Doll's Eyes". You might check the NBC web site to see if anything else was made available.

    • When this episode was rerun on 18 Sep 1998, with both parts shown back to back, some of the scenes were longer and some additional scenes were added; such as a meeting between Billie "Mr. Gharty's bartender" and Mrs. Gharty.

    • The following warning preceded this episode: "This episode has a level of violence unusual for the series. Parental discretion is advised."

    • Music in this episode: John Hiatt "Native Son" alb: Walk On; The Impressions "It's All Right" alb: The Best of Jukebox Rock, 1963.

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