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    Throughout the years H:LotS has had its share of notable guest appearances including Robin Williams, Bruce Campbell, Elijah Wood, Chris Rock, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tim Russert, James Earl Jones, Jay Leno, Terry O'Quinn, Steve Buscemi, etc. (that's just off the top of my head!)

    So, who is your favorite guest star?

    My favorite is Lily Tomlin as Rose in "The Hat". Her performance in the episode is very entertaining, endearing even; she really creates a believable character. Also, this episode nicely illustrates the Lewis/Kellerman partnership, which I'm quite fond of. The trip to the Enchanted Forest is priceless!

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    Yeah, Lily Tomlin by far is the best!!!

    My second favorite is Bruce Campbell in the two parter, "Justice"

    3. Robin Williams in "Bop Gun"

    4. Steve Buscemi in "End Game"

    5. not a quest star but a great character actress, Lucinda Jenney in "Extreme Unction"

    6. Marcia Gay Harden in "A Doll's Eyes"

    7. Bruno Kirby in "The Gas Man"

    8. Joan Chen in "Wu's on First

    9 and 10. Elijah Wood and Neil Patrick Harris

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