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    I literally just finished watching it and my mind was blown. I don't really know anyone else that watches/d the show so I thought I would come to you guys to discuss. I love love loved the whole cast coming back together. It was so great to see every single one of those exceptionally well written and well acted characters in the Waterfront together. *sigh* I miss them already.

    But the ending... I have questions.

    At the end, we're shown Ryland's name going up in blue. Am I correct in guessing that that means that Bayliss is now serving time somewhere for Ryland's murder?

    And that fourth chair in the break room in limbo? Who's it for?? Imagine being stuck in the break room with all that bad coffee! But a great way to sneak in Crosetti and Felton into the final episode.

    Hope you can help!

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    Yes, I think the assumption is that Bayliss confessed.

    As far as the other chair, who knows.

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    I think Bayliss confessed, but the name going up in blue, to me, signifies that the case is still open. I can't remember what exactly happened in the movie, but I don't think Bayliss' fate was sealed. If the name went up in blue, my assumption would be that Frank did not turn Bayliss in. My memory is rusty, so I can't remember if Bayliss flat-out confessed. If he did, I apologise.

    As for who the last chair is for, I don't think there was someone in mind. I mean, Homicide: The Movie was a pretty definite close to the series. It's just meant to provoke your mind into thinking of who goes next. By the way, I'm guessing that Stan Bolander would be the next to go.

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    Blue on the board, if I remember correctly, means a case from as previous year was closed, so I assume Bayliss confessed officially and is doing time or is getting the needle and will be filling that 4th chair (although when they mentioned Bolander's high blood pressure in the movie, I was thinking the writer's might try and swerve us a bit and that Bolander might die, not Gee)

    While the acting was superb (and I'm glad Shiner was in it at the end!) and the writing fantastic, the story itself, while again marvelous with great interweaving of the shows past episodes done in a beautifully thoughtful way, was unsatisfying. I mean, Gee dies, Bayliss goes nuts with guilt and then confesses, Frank has to turn him in, and Gaffney STILL hasn't gotten his comeuppance-that no good wanker! I did enjoy that everybody got along like old friends. The best episodes were ones when they, at the end of the day, were friends who looked out for each other (think episode that featured Lewis' wedding), and the bad episodes were the ones that featured hard feelings between the police brethren (any episode AFTER Luther Mahoney got killed basically). I mean, most viewers want to root for ALL of the good guys, not watch good guys turn into bad guys. It makes you feel dumb for rooting for someone for a few years and then they change that someone's character into a heel. Not smart on the writers behalf, and heck, it may have contributed to the show being cancelled--there was no one left to root for except Gee by the last episode.
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    I really didn't care for the main plot it was pretty standard plus it played a bit too much like a clip show. Also the idea that Gee could go from police L.T. to running for mayor is a little far fetched, and I don't think a mayor could make drugs legal or that people would support it. But that said any chance to see Fank Pembleton again is worth the viewing and the rooftop confession was a very powerful scene. To answer the question yes prior year cases that are solved go up in blue so Frank did take Tim in and he confessed also the fact that Fran said he caught a "couple of bad guys tonight" is alo very telling
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    i just rewatched this dvd yesterday and it reminded me how much i miss this show. yeah, i have all the seasons, but it isn't the same. i remember me and my mom being very enthusiastic because a new ep was airinng. *tear* but anyway, watching that and remembering L&O crossovers just makes me wish that some of the characters would visit Munch on SVU. i would love to see Lewis visit Munch in NY. especially because i can't recall from either show if they ever sold the bar. in this ep Lewis says his partners are "way to silent".
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    Munch, in his cameo on the last season of THE WIRE, implies clearly that he eventually get rid of the Waterfront
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