What murder case inspired the 'Stakeout' episode (S4)?

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    Focusing on the characters' stories and the artistic work, the viewer sometimes forgets that many/most cases are based on real events. A few months ago I was switching to Viasat Explorer, and caught the ending of a crime documentary that summarised the story of two teenagers who acted as 'lure' to attract other teenagers as torture and murder victims for an older man (he acted, as I understood, as a father figure/male authority for the two boys). But I can't remember any specific details such as names, places, or even years of the events. Can anyone help me? I think the case created a stir at its time in the US, but I, born many years after it, and in a totally diferent place of the Earth, only heard about it after seeing the H:LotS episode.

    After that documentary I watched the entire series again, with a whole different perspective this time. Until now I saw the cases as props to help build the characters (which is obviously true), but payed less interest to the details of the murders, and the fact that, somewhere in this world, similar atrocities really happened (or were about to happen - see the 'Sniper' story).

    So again with the question: who knows something about that case, or about other real cases portrayed in the show,for that matter?

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