Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 1 Episode 1

Gone for Goode

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

Lewis and Crosetti are seen looking for a projectile a few yards away from a body. Frustrated that the projectile cannot be found, Lewis calls Crosetti a "fat Italian salami head", Crosetti tells Lewis that he will regret saying that. The two detectives then interview a woman that was at the scene, in a hospital with injuries. They then become aware of another woman possibly collecting life insurance from multiple victims.

Bayliss, fresh meat, is seen walking in to the precinct with all eyes on him. Bayliss seems out of the loop and mistakes Crosetti for Giardello.

Giardello tells the "conceited" Pembleton that he needs to start working with a partner, whether he likes it or not. Felton and Pembleton, now paired up, start the disagreements right off the bat. Later, Pembleton along with Howard and Felton take the new recruit Bayliss to see his first dead body. When they arrive on the scene they find a 65 year old man found dead in a motel room. Pembleton takes charge, saying it's a murder/robbery as the victim's car is missing.

Bolander convinces Munch to revisit a dead end case of a young dead girl. They visit the parent's house and reanalyze notes but seem to be getting nowhere. "Detective Munch" quickly becomes enthralled in the case and pulls an all nighter where he notices something suspicious in a booking photo, eventually leading to a suspect.

Meanwhile, Lewis and Crosetti appear to be at a dead end when the wrong body is exhumed accidentally.

When Pembleton gets a suspect in the case of the dead 65 year old, he gives Bayliss some tips while the suspect is sleeping in "the box". Just as you think Pembleton is taking a liking to Bayliss, Bayliss questions how ethical Pembleton's interviewing tactics are, causing Pembleton to lash out at the rookie.

This episode ends the same way it starts with Lewis and Crosetti (as well as Munch) talking in a moonlit alley, this time off the job.
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