Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 1 Episode 1

Gone for Goode

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 31, 1993 on NBC

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  • First Days on the Street for Pembleton and Bayliss

    In the first scene,we meet Detectives Lewis and his partner Crosetti walking through an ally to find a dead body who happens to be a married later found out that he was murdered for they investigate the so-called 'Black Widow' the end of that first scene,Crosetti said the 'Life is a dialogue. That's on a roll. Then,we meet newbie Bayliss who's first day won't be so easy. Then,we meet Bolander and his sarcastic partner Munch. Munch is funny in his first scene as he hates being compared to Montel Williams (who was a talk show host at that time). There's funny dialogue when Bolander pokes fun of his partners last name at their unit. Then another newbie,the arrogant,Pembleton, who's first day is partnered with Felton who a bully making him find a squad about humiliation. Later,Pembleton is paired up with Bayliss when they pick up a suspect and put him in the box. Pembleton throws the hammer of justice on him hard,but Bayliss thought he should go easy on him. When Bayliss confronts him afterwards,Pembleton responds "Stay outta my face!" What a Jackass, but I like his acting. In the end,Bayliss would investigate his first serious case of a girl that would carry on for the next few weeks,and her name will be revealed in the next episode.

    It was a good premiere. I like the long opening credits (the whold theme)in this pilot. I played it over and over on my VCR. Got a lotta interesting characters. Sorry I left out Howard and Giradello,the black man with an Italian-American name. This one is funny and addictive