Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 4 Episode 5

Hate Crimes

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

On a dark night before Thanksgiving, Pembleton and Bayliss arrive at a scene ahead of the medical examiner and the paramedics. Yes, the victim Zeke Lafeld is still alive, at least temporarily; the detectives try to get a quick answer from the dying man, but fail, as Zeke takes his last breaths. In interviewing a few people who were in the area, the detectives come to the conclusion that it was most likely hate crime related as the killing occurred next to a gay bar and a group of "skinheads" was involved.

Back at the precinct Giardello and Russert call a familiar cameraman J.H Brodie, into their office. The cameraman who was fired for helping Lewis and Kellerman, is offered a job from Gee, shooting film of "what the primary tells you to shoot" as a crime scene recorder.

Lewis meets a young woman, Debbie Haskell, testing a voice recognition lie detector test and falls for her immediately.

Pembleton and Bayliss head to Zeke Lafeld's father's house and notify him of his son's death as well as his gay lifestyle. The father at first has a hard time believing the detectives but soon tell them if he was gay it's better that he is dead.

One of Crosetti's toughest old cases comes into play again when 7 year old Catherine Chilton is brought into the precinct. Lewis and Kellerman interview this young girl, who now remembers her mother Erica's killer wore a white shirt with the letters T & M on it. Howard is very upset with Lewis who failed to tell her about the Chilton case, in which she is the primary investigator. Cooler heads prevail temporarily as Howard remembers that Erica's fiance's name was Tom Marans, hence the T&M on his shirt.

Lewis and Kellerman round up Marans and take him into the "box", where Debbie Haskell is along with her voice stress machine. The detectives grill Marans while the innovative lie detector machine does its job. The detectives along with the help of the test results eventually get a confession from Marans.

Lewis asks Debbie Haskell to join him for Thanksgiving dinner, after a bit of convincing, Haskell accepts.

Pembleton and Bayliss rough up a shady character and get the names of the people involved in the hate crime. The detectives also get new information from Zeke Lafeld's friends who say that no way Zeke homosexual, and point the detectives to his fiancé. The detectives soon change their opinion on the young man that they were once convinced was gay.

This episode concludes on Thanksgiving, Pembleton and Bayliss visit Lafeld's father and tell him that they made a mistake in saying that his son was gay, Lafeld breaks down in tears. Lewis and Haskell enjoy a luxurious Thanksgiving dinner. Kellerman sits in the vacant precinct, getting cold feet after accepting dinner invitations from Howard to have Thanksgiving dinner with her family.
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