Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 3 Episode 1

Nearer My God to Thee

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 1994 on NBC



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    • (the detectives watch a love scene on TV, much to Bolander's dismay)
      Bolander: Aw, jeez. That's disgusting.
      Meldrick: Yeah, I'll have a fresh pot ready in just a jiffy, Big Man.
      Bolander: No. No. (points to the TV) That's disgusting. It's gratuitous. Gratuitous sex is disgusting.
      Munch: There's no such thing as gratuitous sex. Gratuitous violence, yes. All violence is gratuitous, but sex cannot and will not ever be gratuitous.
      Meldrick: They make 'em do that, you know.
      Bolander: Who makes who do what?
      Meldrick: The networks make the writers and producers add the sex.
      Bolander: I thought the networks were making the producers take the sex out. I mean, the producers and the writers, they put all that sex in there, then the network cuts it out.
      Meldrick: No. That's nudity. The network takes out the nudity, but they add sex.
      Bolander: How can you have sex without nudity?!
      Munch: Well, Big Man, use your imagination.
      Bolander: Okay. You know, I know that you can have sex without nudity. I mean, I know that. But if you have a choice, wouldn't you really rather be naked? See that? I mean, look at that. Look at it. Is that real? Come on.
      Munch: It's television, Stan. It's not supposed to be real.
      Bolander: Hey! Hey! Can you switch the channel off?
      Meldrick: All they got on there is sitcoms and news magazines.
      Munch: Now, yes. But soon, very soon, there's gonna be like 500 channels. Besides the SportsChannel and the Weather Channel, there'll be the Ballet Channel, the Dog Food Channel, the All-Dreidel Network. There won't be any books or newspapers, no telephones. We'll only be able to communicate with e-mail and QVC. We'll all be interactive. All you need to see in here, you'll see in here without ever having to rise from your Sealy posturepaedic. I'm talkin' about high definition. I'm talkin' about virtual reality. I'm talkin' about living in the fast lane of the electronic information superhighway. Better get ready, 'cause it's coming.
      Bolander: I gotta make a call.
      (he is about to leave)
      Bolander: I wish they'd bring back Hawaii Five-O.

    • Bayliss: Hey what is this, Frank, about this whole three hour mass thing?
      Pembleton: What do you mean?
      Bayliss: You know, I went to this wedding one time and by the time I got up to take the host I had to ask for two because I was starving.
      Pembleton: You're not Catholic and you took communion?
      Bayliss: Yeah. Is that wrong?
      Pembleton: If my God wins, you're screwed.

    • Lt. Giardello: She was found naked except for cotton gloves, white.
      Munch: What kind of gloves does Michael Jackson wear?
      Bayliss: Silver. But he only wears one.
      Munch: Well maybe Tito tried to frame his brother, you know that family is capable of anything.

    • Bayliss: Do you believe in God frank?
      Pembleton: Look at the evidence. This murder is proof that evil exists. If evil exists then surely God must exist.

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the first appearance of actress Kristin Rohde who later stars in Fontana´s Oz as the slightly psychotic correction officer, Claire Howell.

    • Music in this episode: Abbey Lincoln "When I'm Called Home" alb: You Gotta Pay the Band; Steve McCormick "Too Hot"; Skoota "A Winner".

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