Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 7 Episode 5

Red, Red Wine

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the team meeting, Mike Giardello states that Episcopalians receive communion on the first Sunday of each month. This is incorrect, Episcopalians, like Catholics, receive communion at every mass.

  • Quotes

    • Flynn I needed to make a difference. I needed to have an effect on people lives.
      Bayliss That is why you poisioned people? So you wanted, you wanted to feel powerful? You wanted to ruin people's lives? You wanted to hurt them? You wanted to kill people? You wanted to change the future, Mr. Flynn? That is not fate, that is murder. That is cold blooded callous murder.

    • Munch No ma'am a black tongue and swollen gums are not symptoms of phosphozine poisoning. Maybe it's scurvy. Have you been lost at sea recently? No!

    • Stivers You know how much wine there is in Baltimore?
      Munch Oceans, but most of it's undrinkable.
      Lewis Well never the less, I for one am going to go home and take all my wine, I'm gonna dump it in the toilet.
      Munch Meldrick, this doesn't apply to you, we're talking about wine with corks, not screw tops,
      Lewis Oh.

    • Shephard I gotta tell you, digging up a priest definatly feels sacrilegious to me.
      Bayliss I read about this old Buddist funeral tradition, meditating on a corpse. You sit in there for days, watching as the dead person bloats, turns black, decomposes, you stay with the remains until you understand that the body is just a shell. Life goes on, it doesn't end. It just transforms.
      Shephard I have a hard time imaging life beyond my body.
      Bayliss Yeah, in your case so do I.
      Shephard You coming on to me Bayliss? In a cemetary.
      Bayliss I'm just responding to the moment, Renee. Besides I always tend to feel the life force surge in the presence of death, don't you?
      Shephard I don't know about surge but I feel a definiate twinge.

    • Munch Anyone who's ever had a so called flu shot will eventually contract a terrible debilitating diseases that makes Gulf War Syndrome look like ache.
      Gharty So called.
      Munch Flu immunization is a hoax perpetrated by the shadow government and it's national security forces against the American people. They're stealth testing biological warfare technology on an unwilling American public. Guinea pigs like you.

  • Notes

    • Phosphozine: is a fictional chemical. Unless a poison is extremely well-known, like arsenic or cyanide, writers are encouraged to use imaginary exotic substances so as not to create too many instances of life imitating art.

    • Music in this episode: Los Babies del Merengue "Le Salio" & "Ay Que Vacilon" alb: Ay Que Vacilon.

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