Homicide: Life on the Street

Season 4 Episode 18

Scene of the Crime

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Lewis and Kellerman arrive at a scene in "the projects" where a young man has been thrown down a building from 9 stories high. With an angry crowd surrounding the scene and people throwing things, a "Muslim" leader comes forward dressed in a suit. Appearing to thrive in front of the camera, this "Muslim" named Ishmael Al-Hadj tries to calm the crowd down, saying that someone selling "poison" to his own people has been murdered, telling the crowd to back off and let the police do their thing.

Back at the precinct the detectives are in Giardello's office, Gee says that it's an insult to pay people to police the projects, (referring to the Muslim's). Lewis says to Gee that since the Muslim's have been around there has been little crime in the area, Gee rebuts, mentioning that the crime is just being pushed to other areas, and sends the detectives back to the projects to gather more information.

A police officer is seen in his parked car eating a sandwich, this officer hears a dispatch, shots have been fired in the area, so he says he is on his way. When this officer arrives, he stops like a deer in headlights when he hears shots being fired and sees one man chasing another. Later Munch and Russert arrive at this scene, and find two bodies, two weapons as well as a possible motive, a bag of drugs.

Back at the precinct Munch tells Russert that both guns match the bullets in the two dead bodies in the drug related shooting. Munch also says that he has done all the paperwork and has put the two names up on "the board" in black. Russert tells Munch his paperwork is incomplete and also wants to talk to the victim's relatives.

Munch and Russert then interview a mother of one of the victims and she says that she heard the shooting go on for at least 10 minutes. Russert later digs up information and realizes that Officer Stu Gharty took much too long to arrive at the scene. Realizing something doesn't add up, the detectives talk to officer Gharty. Howard tells Russert its time to involve Internal Affairs in the matter after Gharty didn't call for backup and waited too long, as one of the shooting victims bled to death.

Lewis and Kellerman track down Ishmael and after he puts his hand on Kellerman they take him back to the box to grill him. Kellerman begins to wonder what side Lewis is on after he doesn't stick up for him during the altercation or in the box when Ishmael makes some racial remarks. Barnfather later storms into Gee's office and tells him that Lewis and Kellerman are off the case after they charged Ishmael.

Munch gets hold of Bolander, who says he will make an appearance at the detective's bar that night. Munch has a newfound skip in his step after hearing this and proceeds to tell his fellow detectives the big news involving Stan "the big man" Bolander. Later on at the bar, Munch is anxious, telling Kellerman he finally gets to meet Bolander saying some kind words about his former partner. Bayliss gets off the phone and tells Munch that "something came up" and Bolander can't make it, Munch takes back the kind words he told Kellerman, and proceeds to do a shot of liquor.

Russert and Munch arrive at court and testify after internal affairs investigated Officer Gharty. Gharty mentions that he was afraid and doesn't remember if he called for backup. Gharty eventually gets off as the jury finds that he was in fear for his life.

Gee grills Ishmael in the box with Lewis and Kellerman looking on. Lewis gets a second chance to stick up for his partner when Ishmael says he will only give information if Kellerman leaves the room, Lewis points towards Kellerman and tells Ishmael "he stays". The detectives are then seen raiding a house that is empty; Lewis says the leader gave them a name but not the guy.
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