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  • Season 1
    • Hondo and the Singing Wire
    • Hondo and the War Cry
    • Hondo and the Eagle Claw
    • Hondo and the Rebel Hat
    • Hondo and the Apache Trail
    • Hondo and the Gladiators
    • Hondo And The Rebel Hat
      Hondo's stolen hat leads him to a outlaw bandit.
    • Hondo And The Apache Trail
      The Apache Kid escapes prison and returns for revenge.
    • Hondo And The Gladiators
      Sam is dog-napped by a traveling showman who fights dogs.
    • Hondo And The Hanging Town
      Hondo tries to clear an Army Private accused of murder.
    • Hondo And The Death Drive
      Hondo and Buffalo are sent by Colonel Crook to head up a sheep drive to provide food for the Apaches. Cattleman Ben Cobb is against it and hires Allie, one of the sheep drovers, to sabotage the drive. Cobb sends renegade Coro and his small band to kill everyone on the drive but they are no match for Hondo, Buffalo and the drovers. Cobb then sends two of his men to poison a waterhole. Hondo and Buffalo kill one of the men and capture the other during a gunfight. Hondo takes the captured man back to Cobb and interrupts a meeting intended to enlist other cattlemen against the sheep drive. Cobb jails Hondo but Buffalo manages to break him out. Cobb and the cattlemen attack in the morning but Hondo gets the drop on him and forces him to call off the attack. Allie then tells them of Cobb's plot to steal their land. The sheep are delivered to the Apaches.moreless
    • Hondo And The Ghost Of Ed Dow
      The Hendrix Trading Post, which is also a school for the Apaches, is raided by four men lead by Selby. Mrs. Hendrix manages to rip a piece off Selby's shirt. Ben Dow, Angie's father-in-law and Johnny's grandfather, arrives to visit. He has been told by Angie that his son Ed was killed by an Apache but soon learns he was killed by Hondo. He then vows to take Johnny away from Angie. Hondo recalls how he met Angie and Johnny, rescuing them from four Apaches, and the circumstances of Ed Dow's death. Tribolet cuts a deal with Selby and the raiders, who shoot Mr. Hendrix and burn the Hendrix trading post. He also tells Ben Dow he can get Johnny away from Angie for him and has a couple of the raiders kidnap him. During his meeting with Selby Ben Down learns his son Ed was part of their gang and was killed while trying to bushwhack Hondo. Using a shirt of Johnny's for scent Sam is able to lead Hondo and Buffalo to the hideout where they battle Selby and his gang. Knowing the truth Ben Dow changes his mind about taking Johnny away and donates money to rebuild the Hendrix Trading Post and school.moreless
    • Hondo And The Sudden Town
      Ex-Senator Knight and his aide Martin Blaine arrive in the territory and re-open an abandoned silver mine. Soon a ghost town near the mine is populated and renamed Silver Knight. The Senator and Blaine begin selling land to others who want to share in the silver. A man named Kelso shows up and demands money from Blaine for work he has done. Blaine pays him and then arranges for his murder. Kelso is shot and scalped to blame it on the Apaches, who are upset about white men coming onto their land. The mine goes into operation but Hondo and Buffalo's friend Willie tells them there isn't much silver being mined. It is soon announced that the first shipment of silver, worth $75,000, is being shipped out. Hondo soon figures out that Senator Knight and Blaine are actually shipping in silver from Mexico, which can be bought for a cheaper price, and passing it off as mined in the U.S. so they can make a huge profit on the difference in price.moreless
    • Hondo And The Comancheros
      The stage Hondo and Angie are on is attacked by comancheros lead by Rodrigo. When Rodrigo discovers there is no payroll he takes Angie hostage, demanding a $3,000 ransom. Hondo returns to Fort Lowell and attempts to raise the ransom but falls well short. Captain Richards says he cannot assist as that would mean going into Mexico. Hondo rides out to keep the rendezvous with Rodrigo, which is in Mexico, while Buffalo Baker rides to Col. Crook to see if he will help. Angie's presence in the comanchero camp arouses jealousy in Teresa, Rodrigo's girl, and she attempts to kill Angie. Hondo arrives but it is soon discovered he does not have the $3,000 and Rodrigo is ready to hang him until Hondo tells him of a $10,000 Army payroll being transported in the U.S. the next day. Hondo and Angie are taken along on the payroll holdup and during the attack on the pay wagon Teresa again tries to kill Angie. Hondo has to try and rescue her and fend off Rodrigo at the same time.moreless
    • Hondo And The Judas
      Hondo receives a letter to meet in the ghost town of New Caanan signed with a Q. While on his way three cowboys recognize him and trail him waiting their chance to take him, thinking the reward for him is still good. When he arrives in New Caanan he is greeted by his former confederate commanding officer Colonel William Quantrill, who he thought was dead. Soon Jesse and Frank James arrive accompanied by Cole and Jim Younger and Charley and Bob Ford. The last of old army unit, Johnny Reno, rides in and Quantrill announces he has assembled them for two reasons. The first is two rob a $200,000 U.S. Army payroll shipment and the second is to find out who the Judas is that shot him in the back and left him for dead. Hondo decides he doesn't want any part of it and while riding out stops to water his horse where he is ambushed by the three cowboys but saved by Quantrill, who followed him. Quantrill later forces the Judas' hand in a saloon showdown. The results, however, force them to abandon the robbery plan and Hondo returns to Fort Lowell.moreless
    • Hondo And The Mad Dog
      Soldiers Barton and Mills are searching for hydrophobic animals. Mills reminds Barton he owes him money and Barton murders him, hiding his body on the desert. Sam witnesses it and knows the burial spot so when a white wolf bites Johnny Dow Barton helps to pin the blame on Sam, hoping he will be destroyed as rabid. Hondo saw the white wolf but no one else did. Barton and other town folks lead by Liebel don't believe Hondo, who strikes a bargain with Dr. Paul and Captain Richards giving him 20 hours to find the white wolf before Sam's brain is examined to see if he is rabid. Sam escapes the building he is being kept in and Barton sets out to make sure he is killed. This leads to a confrontation with Hondo, Sam and the white wolf.moreless
    • Hondo And The War Hawks
      Soldado and his renegades massacre a family and then attack a shipment of rifles and ammunition intended for Vittoro's people, killing all the soldiers guarding it. Colonel Crook is ordered back to Washington to accept a medal and is being replaced for the two months he is gone by Colonel Smith, who immediately orders all Apaches to surrender their rifles and ammunition. Smith assigns Buffalo Baker to carry the order to Vittoro but he refuses and is put in the guardhouse. He is soon joined there by Hondo who disobeys Smith's order restricting him to the fort to ride to Tucson to retrieve Colonel Crook. Smith, however, is still in charge for 24 hours and rides out with Captain Richards as Soldado has offered to be the first to surrender his weapons. This turns out to be a trap and Smith, Richards and several troopers are held captive. Soldado sends a sergeant back with his ultimatum, which is 100 repeater rifles and one thousand rounds of ammunition in exchange for the hostages. Hondo arrives with a wagon, stating it is what Soldado demanded. Colonel Crook, Buffalo Baker and troopers have been concealed in the wagon and open fire on the renegades. They are supported by Vittoro and his men and Soldado's group is captured. Colonel Smith orders the rifles and ammunition to be turned over to Vittoro. He is recalled to Washington, given the medal intended for Crook and then assigned a desk job. Hondo and Colonel Crook go to the Cantina for a drink to settle the unpleasantness this has caused.moreless
    • Hondo And The Apache Kid
      Crusading newspaper reported Jack Graham is wrongly convinced that the Apache Kid is being unjustly persecuted by the U.S. Army. When they capture him he writes a story claiming Hondo is a Judas and promises the Kid that his newspaper will hire the best lawyers possible to get him off. The Apache Kid escapes, killing a guard, and kidnaps Star Bird from Vittoro's camp after killing her father. Hondo is sent to track him down. He comes across young Emmy Jo, whose father was murdered by the Kid, and takes her back to the fort. He finds out that Graham has gone out after the Kid to show him the telegram from his newspaper guaranteeing their help. Graham finds Star Bird, who has been physically abused by the Kid, bound against some rocks. Just then Hondo arrives and the Kid grabs Graham and threatens to kill him. Hondo fights with and captures the Kid. Back at the fort Graham tells Hondo he's written a story praising him for his actions, repayment for saving his life. Hondo decks him, knocking him into a water trough, and tells him they are even.moreless
    • Hondo And The Savage

      Brutal General Rutledge leads a patrol deep into Apache territory, against Hondo's advice. Apache leader Ponce and his warriors pin down the soldier and take the general to his tribe where he suffers several days of humiliation.

    • Hondo And The Superstition Massacre
      Hondo, Buffalo and Sam are attacked by four renegade Pemas, fierce enemies of the Apache. Buffalo is wounded and cannot help Hondo guide a surveyor and his wife, Frank and Mary Davis. Davis is checking the Apache's land for gold, hoping to find none and dispel any gold rush notions. When Davis arrives on the stage Hondo recognizes him as the man who lead the massacre that killed his wife, attacks him and beats him severely. Hondo is ordered to guide the surveyor and eventually learns Davis' side of the story and how he is tortured by the ghosts of those they killed. Hondo and the Davises are captured by the Pemas and Hondo stalls for time in the hopes Sam can bring back help.moreless
    • Hondo And The Singing Wire

      The Calvary tries to convince Vittoro and the Apaches that the telegraph line is beneficial to everyone. Half breed renegade Delgado and his small band disrupt the demonstration and kill two telegraph company employees. Hondo takes a small force of select men and go up into the hills after Delgado's band, putting them on the defensive.

    • Hondo And The War Cry
      Pt. 2: Gallagher fights to keep his mine working, while Hondo attempts to make peace with the indians.
    • Hondo And The Eagle Claw
      Pt.1: Hondo Lane is released from prison and assigned a position as indian relations agent. Meanwhile the indians threaten war and a mining operation.