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  • The story revolves around Takemoto and his friends as they journey down the road of life. Follow their daily lives as they struggle with college life, balance work and school, and stand at the crossroads of love.

    Anime can make you laugh or cry. This anime makes me cry every time I see it. It has the nostalgic feeling of seeing things all over again being your "bittersweet memory", as the writer narrates.

    The characters brought out real life people who struggle with their every day life and deal with their shortcomings. They make people realize that no matter what happens, life must go on whatever your circumstances are. I think that's what slice of life genres make you feel.

    Although it may seem goofy and without a focus at first, the story progresses and characters mature as they make realizations in their lives and move on.

    The songs for the drama amplifies each character's emotions giving the impact of the situation.

    Great anime. Must see.
  • I love this show and i'm not even a fan of this Genre.

    Honey and Clover is a Bitter-sweet Romantic comedy about the lives of 5 college students and their Love triangles. The series follows them Graduating, Having difficulty living, Finding jobs and Discovering about themselves and also having problems in their love.

    The Characters in Honey and Clover are Wonderful, They really Bring this Show to Life Beautifully. They face rejection, depression, failure, Problems in love. They are all Interesting and fun in their own imperfect ways. The Characters Develop Very well as the series progresses. None of the characters seem Unreal or Cartoony, They feel like Real Characters whom we could actually relate to. They all have their own Positives and Negatives. Which makes them all Different from each other and not card boad cut outs. The characterization is One of the best i've ever seen. I Really loved the love Stories as They Really do happen in real life And are nothing out of the ordinary. The Humor in Honey and Clover Succeeds very well, They're very well placed. I had some great laughs watching it.This is one of the funniest Shows i've ever watched. The Humor Feels very gentle and subtle and never rude or tries to force anything on you. There is really no 'cheap' humor in Honey and Clover that you find in so many other shows. There is Genuine, Original and tasteful Humor in Honey and CLover. I never felt guilty for laughing at any point. This is a classy work of art.

    The Intros and Ending themes fit This show perfectly, The Animation is very pleasing and Feels very gentle and Warm. The Voice acting is very well made and the music fits it very well. This show is for teenagers, we all go through these situations in real life and we Find Something we can relate to. I'm a Fan of action fighting anime but Still this Is one of my favorite anime. Honey and Clover is Touching and Heart-warming. It succeeds in every way imaginable and is Full of life. This is something i've enjoyed watching. This is a beautiful show And there seems to be very few who watch it. They have no idea on what they're missing out.
  • every one who see's this loves it. not enough seeing it though

    at first i watched it and i hated it, but i knew it was going to get interesting so i forced myself. then a year later i was bored and i decided to give it another try. i was now in high school, and re watched it from the very beginning. i fell in love with it. anime can be so predictable. this is not.


    every single anime, some one loves some one, in the end, they will kiss. and get together and then boom-it is over. a boy loves a fairly different yet normal girl. he tells her. in the end-there is no kiss, she like some one else, but she doesn't kiss him. in anime a kiss is as big as s**. for some reason it is so dramatic. shows like inuyasha make it so if that happens there's no other place to go. when in the real world there would be random things as to why Kagome and Inuyasha may have kissed. in this how, if they kiss-it's not over. there is so much unacquainted love in this, allot of it unreturned, and if it is-its not BOOM were in love now!! it's take it slow, like one may in the real world.

    a part from that, this has great drama, hilarious comedy, lovely art, beautiful music, and amazing story.

    honey and clover does not focus on one genre, love is a main focus, i wouldn't call it romantic, but then at parts i would. it is so realistic how they treat, almost use, love, and want each other.

    the comedy is surprisingly...funny!

    the acting is of course, very good, and even a short lil girl that's 19 doesn't have a squeaky lil I'm a super pink power girl *insert giggle and wink and outfit changing sequence here*

    they get drunk, they cry, and best of all. they are not pretty sparkly nice tears. their ugly.
    i ask you, when you cry-do you look pretty and fragile and sad?
    cause i don't.
    i have puffy red eyes, a sad expression and icky salt water slowly streaming and sticking to my face. tears do not roll of out chins into perfect shape and then hit the floor and splash. enough said.

    the character development, where to begin-every one loves some one. and then this and that and woh! didn't see that coming. i cried, i laughed, and i cried allot more when it was over.

    we don't have some perfect body pretty lil anime girl that has a crush, but isn't considered pretty. we have a pretty girl that many guys gawk over.

    in many anime you can take the hair off and eye color, and change it to a different characters hair etc. and they look exactly like the characters (my point: similar looks)

    in this they have different head shapes, noses, hair styles, oh ye hair...
    did i mention that there are no pink or purple or green or blue haired girls with big eyes that take up their whole face in this? they have, actual hair colors-and if its red, not really really red, realistic red, that has tints of brown and what not.

    the characters are all so real, and different, and we can all relate with them.

    but what I'm going to close with now-is their Passion: ART

    I'm an artist, and this helped so much with as lame as it sounds just learning to accept the fact.

    they all do different mediums, different talents. it has been a year since i watched it. iv thought of watching it again, and i did for some parts.

    the opening, is so wonderful. every single face (for the first time) has this look of 'what the **** when they see it. i found honey and clover by mistake, what a great mistake! the thing that got me in, was the weird opening. it is not the character deep in thought, and then getting up, and thinking of their love and losses and and being so sickeningly dramatic. it is art, in an awesome medium:FOOD!
    and if you want to get deep into it, it resemble the show very much, but there's a whole layer that makes it look random. which is a great piece of work.
    these students are not super artists, they work, and fail, and try, and fail, and think they do good, but teachers don't think it's enough, so they fail and get depressed. this show really was real.

    real soul searching
    real love...or long time serious 'crush's
    real depression
    real story
    real characters
    real plot
    real school (as in the girls don't have ultra micro mini tiny school skirts for uniforms-and the girls don't WEAR that either)

    i like this better than Miyazaki's work even.
    every one that has seen it has been swept away, loved it, and most people have not seen it.
    I'm not a big fan of anime, i like animation-but i do not like sailor moon shows at all. i don't need the big mecha robots. i don't need super samurai's, i don't want fighting powers, i want this. good art, and music, and plot and everything.

    the only other anime that i rate this high is beck.
    it has real world references which is VERY nice, and helps connect to the real world, and the world I'm living in.
    but I'm not sure i like beck better.
    honey and clover (and beck) is the 1 anime that i didn't feel like a waste of time.
    iv been searching for good anime ever since the closest thing i got to was NANA. and that isn't close enough.

    i want this anime to be known. it really deserves it.
    it is really sad how many people don't know of this great...
    this great piece of work, really.
  • Beautiful and dramatic life portrayal-

    This is the most beautifully animate and worth watching series out there. Although it might not stick at some part in the manga, this series deserves more attention.

    I love the way this series was animated to give that artistic feel to it, the soft tones and music are wonderfully done. The way each character has it's own story and view in every episode is just great. We can get a good understanding of how everyone is different when they are dealing with relationships, old and new. Loss, rejection,self-denial and self-confidence are dealt with throughout the 2 seasons as the characters try to comprehend what to do with their feelings.

    This one is one of the most loved Shojos out there and has won many awards and has earned the right to get a Live Action version of it.

    The story is a just a great tale of art students struggling through their daily lives,each has their own specialty, Pottery, wood carving,Abstract Painting, Architecture...

    The story starts with humor,like how the cast first met and everything is lighthearted, but as they matured, they realize the feelings they have for one another, very complicated feelings mixed with both choices for their future and their career. It such a fantastic tale,although it ends on a bittersweet note for the 2 main characters,all I could say is; this is one of the only anime that I have watched in 10 years that made me cry.

    The other thing I could applaud is the Openings of this series, they are absolutely fabulous and the series' studios were so creative. The songs they used in the entire series fit so well with any situations they used.

    In the end,this series has,creativity, quality animation, a great soundtrack and of course, a beautiful tale, a must watch for any mature anime fan-
  • Honey & Clover is a rare gem in anime that excels in comedy, art, story, and love.

    Honey & Clover is not know by too many anime fans but it should be. Although it has not been released here in the US yet people should really get into this one. Honey & Clover is a love/comedy/drama anime that centers mainly around 5 characters. 3 of the characters are young men and 2 are women. All the characters are attending an art collage in Japan. The main character is Takemoto who is in his sophomore year. Another big character in the show is Hagu, a short 18 year old girl that looks like a little kid. The story revolves around the 5 characters as they fall in and out of love. The show is at its best when it centers around Takemoto and how he doesn't know what he wants to really do with his life. The show has a lot of laughs but it can turn and get serious too. The comedy is another strong aspect, as the jokes actually go along with the plot and they are well planned out. The show is targeted to an older audience but if you are under 16 and smart the plot will make sense to you. The last strong point of Honey & Clover is its animation. The animation is very well done and though it may turn some viewers away, it can really draw you into the story more than your normal anime animation can. The only thing that will really turn people away from the show is the lack of action but besides that Honey & Clover hits a high mark for what it does and it does it very well. Excellent show. Highly recommended.
  • With a rating of 8.0/10 at the of writing, this has to be the most underappreciated series I've come across on this site so far. This anime centers on character development and uses a very unique way of doing it.

    A word of warning - this anime is deep and requires much thought and understanding to be appreciated. This makes it a little tedious, yet unique which is the sheer beauty of the series. For people looking for more "general" anime with plenty of action and pace, stop reading this now!

    This anime centers around the lives and thoughts of several characters attending an art school in Tokyo. Every character has a different background and have a set of different desires. With a very slow pace, the anime is a long journey of exploration as we experience the different advances and setbacks each character encounters.

    The thoughts are depicted very well and despite the slow pace of the program, keeps those with a deep thought interested as we see characters change and mature. The slow pace can be defended by the fact that the characters are lost in thought as they encounter everyday life at college or work. One may say this program is also philosphical in a way.

    At parts of the anime, we have comic relief moments to laugh over (such as that game of Twister!) yet even these relief moments are not forced in - they are completely part of the story.

    Honey and Clover is simply unique, new and original and does a great job.

    The character art is generally good, and the animation is relaxing and pleasing to the eye.

    Considering the motive of this anime*, I think a score of 9.5/10 is deserved, considering a 9.2 on TV.com actually means "average". The changing lives of these "ordinary" people are depicted excellently.

    My "British University" scoring...7.0/10, First-class.

    *It would be unfair to review a love-comedy on the same basis as an action anime etc.
  • i love this show...

    i love this show.... i havent finished the series yet though but i really love it... its one for the teens dont you think? its a story about five college students who are really close to each other... i love the way yuuta narrates the story in his point of view... i love the way he's just like a normal guy... in fact i love the story because it could really happen in real life.... i think my favorite character is yuuta and ayumi because i can relate to their feelings of unrequited love... sometimes this series just leave me with a empty feeling inside like i want to cry... and for me thats a good thing coz this series require alot of emotions i guess.... i love this show!
  • the life of 5 college students intertwines w/ one another and other supporting characters, in which each individual grows and becomes a different person.

    H&C is such a wonderful story. The animators did a splendid job for the animation for this one. From what I've seen from it's episodes, I believe they truly understood the characters by the way it was directed, the script, everything really. The seemingly watercolor art is done beautifully. My most fav. thing about H&C, though, is the music. Very nicely composed piano pieces and other arrangements. It flows well w/ the anime. Give another prop to the acting too!!! =DDD wooot !! ^^
    The way they portray each individual is well done. I love Leader!!!!!! ^^ lol. The comedy, romance, seriousness, and everything else I may not have noted is well balanced, in which one can be fully entertained and yet also feel connected to story and the characters.
  • One for the older kids.

    I think I've matured in tastes during the course of watching Honey and Clover. How is that you ask? After rewatching the first couple episodes, I've learned to enjoy it for its theme and message over the fact that it's simply animated, since I have a large bias for animation. So with that said, Honey and Clover should probably be watched only by the older audience, since it will mainly appeal to them anyways. Early teens won't probably understand the value of such a quality show.

    The story follows a group of college students as they simply live life. Takemoto, Mayama and Morita live in a broken down apartment, but try to make every use of the little things they own. That was when their teacher introduced to them a little young girl named Hagu with an exceeding amount of talent in art. Takemoto and Morita quickly fell in love. Mayama fell in love too, but with a widow who believes it's her fault her husband died. At the same time, Mayama is being pursued by a girl named Ayu. In this whole mess, the teacher can do nothing but watch as his students develop into adults, while smoking.

    The story itself isn't really that interesting, but the real value is how the anime delves into the problems of its cast. Throughout each episode, Takemoto, the point of view this show is taking, will reflect on the events that's occuring, and relate it to a bigger picture. The excellent use of metaphors makes the whole show feel like one of the best books you've ever read. It's very literate and philosophical, and yet at first sight, it seems to be your average anime. Though while the often times annoying humour, and unique animation makes it out to be like that, it's really deep. On some levels, it can be compared to Evangelion, without being depressed, and His and Her Circumstances. Though it feels much more brief than those two, yet it's unexplainably in-depth.

    The characters also contribute much to the enjoyment of this anime. They're completely realistic, as if you've met them somewhere in your life before. Takemoto reminds me a lot of Shinji, except take away all of the physchological and beating of self up. Hagu is a shy girl who grows more comfortable around her friends in time. Mayama is simply a mature person. The thing I loved the most about the cast here is that they aren't predictable, carrying a one dimensional personality.

    I probably would have enjoyed this anime much more if the humour was better, or taken out completely. Sometimes it feels forced because in the next scene, a deep message with a metaphor will make use of that scene. The whole twister scene, along with Morita's river of styx moments, are just sometimes ridiculous. Though there are times when you do laugh, but they come by every other episode. Maybe having comedy is a must in animes these days, since more than ever, animes try to be funny. Though Honey and Clover does have some nice comic relief from feeling too literate.

    The animation and music selection are other things that are mostly talked about when it comes to Honey and Clover. The eyes have a clay and bubbly feeling to them, showing off much more emotion than other animes. Also, the entire show feels like it was drawn using crayons, but that isn't a bad thing. It's really unique and fresh. The music is also quite stellar. The opening and ending themes are addictive to listen to, along with the songs that play in the background of each episode. It's really nice when a major event triggers, and a really sweet song plays to magnify the feeling and mood. Buying the soundtrack is definitely worth it.

    Honey and Clover had instantly become my favourite show ever, topping Onegai Teacher and Evangelion. I thought I'd never see the day when I would enjoy a show more than those two, but all things are prone to be beaten. Mature viewers will definitely get the most out of this anime, along with those who enjoy philosophical animes. The animation and music are also great that only add to such an already quality show. Definitely a must see!