Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - Season 1

(ended 2000)


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  • Arnox the alien who was in "Honey, They Call Me The Space Cowboy" is back again. This time he comes for a visit only to have his space ship stolen again. It was stolen by the so-called men in black. Now the family must get the ship back from "them men in black" but what and who are they really?moreless
  • 5/9/98
    Wayne's Chameleonator makes people invisible. The Chameleonator was originally made to change the people's skin color, so they wouldn't need to use make-up anymore. A mole in the company is telling another company about the invention. Amy and Wayne must stop the mole and get his invention back from the company that took it.moreless
  • Honey, the Garbage is Taking Us Out
    Wayne, wanting to please Nick, invents a Refuse Ingesting Protozoa or RIP that can eat anything. Jennings, who is being tracked by an environmentalist, puts toxic waste in Wayne's invention. RIP infected Quark, Quark infected the mail-man and so on. Now Wayne and family must stop these garbage-eating-zombies and get them to Jentech West where there is a high security system.moreless
  • 4/23/98
    The prospect of dissecting a frog is giving Nick nightmares so Wayne invents a dream machine that would go into Nick's dream. He kills the frog and is threatened never to come back into the dream world again. Amy, against her dad's wishes, goes in so now the family can't sleep or else they could die.moreless
  • 4/2/98
    Wayne makes gadgets for spies in Canada. Now they are on a mission to stop a missile from blowing up the moon.
  • 3/28/98
    Wayne reluctantly has to make a bear productive after speaking up his feelings at Jentech west. He makes the bear smart and while downloading data into the bear's computer chip, a virus name Legion comes into the chip. Now the bear is bent on taking over the world. The family now must stop the bear before he can wreck havoc on the world.moreless
  • 2/28/98
    Since Diane is allergic to chocolate Wayne tries to take from the chocolate, the ingredient that Diane is allergic to, but accidentally creates a chocolate that makes people fall in love. Damon, Amy's best friend, has a crush on Amy and Nick tries to get Amy to eat the chocolate. When she finds out how the chocolates work, she tries to get her crush "the make out king" to eat it. Will they be able to restore order and stop everyone from falling in love?moreless
  • Honey, He's Not Abdominable...He's Just Misunderstood
    Wayne turns Amy's bicycle into a super speed mountain bike. Amy goes on a bike ride through the woods and crashes. She twists her ankles and goes into a cave. Amy meets Bigfoot and she names him George after Curious George. He saves her and takes Amy to her house. Now the family must get him back along with his wife, a Yeti!!moreless
  • 2/14/98
    Diane is very nervous about her case against a tough lawyer so Wayne invents a think ring to help her retrieve her thoughts better. Unfortunately she becomes a brain sucking vampire. Wayne finds out and goes after her to lure her home. Nick manages to get the ring off but this turns him into a brain sucking vampire. Diane figures things out and plots to fight Nick and get the ring off. Can she beat Nick's evil plan and return him back to normal all by herself?moreless
  • 1/7/98
    Wayne accidentally blows up the mayor's car in front of the mayor which upsets Diane so he goes back in time to redo things. He accidentally goes back to the time of "the barbarians". When Wayne comes back he accidentally brings the "Barbarians" with him but when he tries to send them back the machine is broken. Will he be able to fix it and send them back before they wreak havoc?moreless
  • 1/17/98
    Wayne feels overwhelmed with work and his family all needing him so he invents something that'll make him go from place to place in seconds. He sets the level on high and somehow travels at the speed of light. Jennings finds a copy of the invention and is traveling fast too and playing tricks on people. Will they go back to normal speed?moreless
  • 12/15/97
    Diane wants to get in touch with her teenage-self so that she can understand what Amy and her new client, Howard, are going through. Wayne has invented a machine where you can see yourself in the past. The light goes out so Diane comes out as a teenager. Now Wayne must fix the machine and the family has to deal with Diane and her rebellious self. Will Diane go back to normal?moreless
  • 11/29/97
    Wayne's chemical to increase intelligence has different effects on the family, including mind reading and levitation, while their dog, Quark, is able to hypnotize people.
  • 11/22/97
    To return from a time trip to 1864 Colorado, the Szalinskis must help an alien recover his starship from a ruthless gang, who master the alien's weapons and defenses.
  • 11/15/97
    Wayne's invention succeeds in finding gold - a pot of doubloons claimed by a leprechaun, who puts a curse on the Szalinskis until they hand it over.
  • Honey, I Got Duped
    Honey, I Got Duped
    Episode 7
    While Wayne works on controlling the cloning of himself, one of his new selves takes his place at work, where Bianca becomes suspicious of his geniality. She gives his clone a friendship bracelet that is a tracking device. Wayne is down because his clone is doing better then the real him. Will they be able to keep a lid on the clones so that nobody finds out the truth?moreless
  • 11/1/97
    Wayne invents a neuron nudger and Diane accidentally turns it on and gets her brain put into a Bianca's cat and the cat's brain into her body. Wayne accidentally switches his brain with Quark's. Can the kids stop Bianca and get their parents back?
  • 10/25/97
    Wayne accidentally shrinks himself and his brother, Randy, who find themselves in little trouble when they are mistaken for McDonald's Happy Meal's Toys and brought home to a young boy who happens to be a fan of Randy's TV show, 'Randy Rude: The Science Dude.'
  • 10/18/97
    Amy is in love with her teacher and when she finds out that her dad has made a time machine, Szalinski Time Hopper, so she decides to go back to the 70s to meet a her teacher, but when he was 17. She goes back but to the wrong time and after numerous attempts decides not to return. Nick tell his dad, so he goes back in time after her. Can he find her before something bad happens to Amy?moreless
  • Honey, I'm Haunted
    Episode 3
    Wayne invents something that could make your vision perfect so Nick tries it out and can see practically anything, even dead people. He befriends a "friendly" ghost who gets into Wayne's body and Nick realizes that the ghost isn't all that good. So he along with Wayne attempt to get control of his body so they can get the ghost out.moreless
  • After their home is burglarized, Wayne becomes concerned about his family's safety and invents a security system for their protection. F.R.A.N., the Felon Repeller and Accident Neutralizer takes her duties very seriously and involves herself in every facet of the household. Diane is wary of the overprotective computer, not realizing that F.R.A.N. has developed a mind of her own. When Wayne decides to pull the plug, F.R.A.N. holds the Szalinskis under "house arrest." Can Wayne demonstrate logically who is the real threat and get them sprung?moreless
  • On their way to the mall in the family van, Wayne, Diane, and Amy are accidentally shrunk to near-microscopic size. Soon after, Grandpa Murdock drops by to pick up his grandson for a fishing trip. Nick feigns illness to avoid going with his grandfather, who then leaves, but not before inadvertently swallowing his mini-relatives -- van and all. Nick interprets Wayne's help message in the newspaper and realizing what has happened, rushes to his family's aid. It's a race against the clock. Can the tiny Szalinskis find a way out through Grandpa's body before the shrinking effect wears off in three hours?moreless