Honey, We’re Killing the Kids!

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Honey, We’re Killing the Kids!

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Honey, We’re Killing the Kids!” profiles 13 families across the nation and addresses the current health crisis of childhood obesity and what we can do to save our children from the mess that we have created. 17% of “under 11s” are overweight, 21% have high blood pressure and diabetes has doubled in the age group in the past 10 years. A staggering 64% fail the minimum physical fitness test. American’s today are not raising healthy children and as a result life-style related conditions such as obesity, asthma, and skin cancer are steadily increasing in younger people.

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AIRED ON 5/29/2006

Season 1 : Episode 8

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  • This is a show about kids learning to eat and live healthier. Its ok.

    The basic plot of the show is the host goes to the house of a family and watches them for a while. Then she makes a computer imaging of how the kids will look at the age of 40. Then she shows the pictures to the parents and utters the highly overused (and very cold) response, "You are killng your kids."

    Then she goes to the house at the start each week for a few weeks and gives the family some things to do in order for them to slim down. A few of the things are less tv, more vegetables, and more excersise.

    This is a overall good show, but it does get old after a while. If your are into the whole fighting and arguments reality-style, or are trying to slim down yourself this is a good show for you. For everyone else there might be better things for you to do at that time.moreless
  • Why? I mean why make this huge meal with all these vegies. You know the kids are just not going to eat it. They are going to reject the meals they cook the first time.moreless

    The show wants that reaction because it makes the show more intresting. Start them off with something easy like carrots and chiken. Not fried chiken. Then work them on getting on more vegies. And then at the end it is like they can never have anything with sugar again. Parents have different opinions on how to raise there kids. Let them raise there kids. There is no wrong way to raise your kids.moreless
  • This show is really good.

    A lot of people hate this show. But I find it rather good. Its funny and sad at the same time. We get to see the parents cry and get all sad. We get to see the kids reactions which is hilarious. This one kid(James Long) he wants to run away. I thought it was silly and funny at the same time. Critics are calling it a fair show. I don't see why people are hating it.

    I think this show can have 2 more seasons and then it can retire for good. I hope to contribute to this show more oftenmoreless
  • Nutritionist shames parents into making their kids eat better.

    I have to wonder-- if my mom had watched this show or had this kind of public humiliation 30 years ago, would I be as fat as I am now? I also wonder that if, when I was a mere pubescent teenager with already low self-esteem, I would have \"gotten my act together\" if someone had shown me a photo of my 40 yr old out-of-shape and grossly unattractive self.

    I watched an episode of this show over the weekend expecting to find something enlightening and informative. Instead, I actually felt uncomfortable for the parents and the kids. I mean-- watching your \"baby\" age into a very unattractive 40 yr old with patchy skin and a receding hairline can\'t be good for the soul.

    I also found the \"after\" photos to be unbelieveable-- in a bad way. The nutritionist shows these photos of what the kids will look like in about 30 years-- assuming their eating and fitness habits stay the same or decline-- and it\'s not pretty. Then, the nutritionist lays down some ground rules and after three weeks, another set of photos are revealed-- actually showing healthier, less ugly versions of the kids.

    You have to wonder-- were the first photos just a scare tactic?

    I won\'t be watching the show again... unless I need material for a blog or something. I didn\'t learn anything except that parents let their kids run all over them.

    I hope the parents keep the photos and compare them to their kids in 30 years to see how accurate the nutritionist\'s state of the art software program is.moreless
  • It's a slap to the face.

    It's a slap to the face. Oh come on if the parents just opened their eyes they would see. Watching them turn them into 40 just was an other slap to the face, but the lady was brought into the home just in the nick of time. This show so seems like Supernanny change the channel.
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