Honey West

ABC (ended 1966)





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  • Honey of a detective!

    In the days of overtly macho male-led detective TV shows, this one stands out as a unique take on the genre.

    Honey West ran on ABC, albeit briefly for 1 season in 1965-66, shows that a woman can be just as daring & smart as any male PI. Anne Francis has the lead role as Ms. West who took over her late father's detective agency. In addition, she also got her father's former partner Sam Bolt (John Ericson). She was more than just a pretty face, she was skilled in martial arts, used high tech gadgets in her work, a tricked-out van disguised as a TV repair van & to top it off, she had a pet ocelot named Bruce.

    Honey West however, was something of an "acquired taste" since the audience has gotten used to seeing the damsel in distress, not be the hero.

    Regardless, this show will be considered (at least by me) to be an overlooked classic.