Hong Kong Phooey

ABC (ended 1976)


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  • Not very entertaining!

    Im sorry to all of you "Hong Kong Phooey fans" but this show is seriously dull! I mean i used to like this show when i was like 7(and most likely because i had no idea what was going on)but now it actually hurts to watch it. And im not putting that whole "i was 7 thing" to say its immature or anything like that but its just the storyline is pointless,its the same,and basically just pathetic! And to think i was considering to buy this nonsense! Dont get me wrong i like the comedy in how the cat really saves the day,hong kong phooey's confident personality,and even some of the characters(like the fat cop)but the stories just aren't interesting enough to keep someone my age occupied! I think it was designed to reach an audience of 4-12 year olds but definetly not teenagers!