Hope and Gloria - Season 1

NBC (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • A Midsummer Night's Trim
    Gloria finds Hope's lack of faith in her the unkindest cut of all after Hope reveals she's having recurring nightmares of Gloria ruining her hair. They agree to consult a therapist and dream expert appearing on the show in hopes of identifying the source of Hope's neurotic fear. Meanwhile, Dennis insists on hosting a show-length infomercial for a male enhancement device, and Louis discusses diet with Gloria's next-door neighbor Scott.moreless
  • Don't Take Any Wooden Elephants
    Hope's upset when Gwillem 'asks' her to care for his pampered poodle, so she attempts to play a practical joke on him - which, of course, backfires big time when she steals one of his prized wooden elephants without realizing the nature of its contents.
  • Sisyphus, Prometheus and Me
    Gloria learns she's pregnant and contemplates a third marriage to Louis - a decision that could be advantageous for new station manager Gwillem who persuades them to have the ceremony live on the show. But the minister slated to conduct the nuptials doesn't show and is replaced by guest Burt Reynolds, while Hope, locked in the prop room, struggles desperately to get Gloria an important message from her doctor.moreless
  • The Face with Two Men
    The new station manager orders Hope to arrange a Growing Pains reunion show, but there's a problem - Dennis refuses to be in the same room with his rival, Alan Thicke. Meanwhile, Scott, the little boy Gloria used to baby-sit turns up, grown up and still infatuated with her.
  • Love With an Improper Stranger
    A lonely Hope spends the night with a handsome stranger, but it's possible that she's in for more of a relationship than she bargained for - he may be her brother. Distraught Hope does the unforgivable: she forgets to enter Dennis in the local Emmy Award competition, which he is sure he will win after 23 years of being passed over.moreless
  • Who's Poppa? (2)
    Who's Poppa? (2)
    Episode 8
    Hope becomes convinced that her father is Bill Anderson, the real name of actor Adam West of Batman fame, unaware that her mother insists it was another actor. Meanwhile, Dennis's lawyer accompanies Dennis and Gloria on a date to insure against charges of sexual harassment.
  • My Mamma Done Told Me (1)
    Hope has not told her parents she is divorcing Jeffrey, but when he turns up during their visit, the truth comes out. Big time, as it happens, because Hope's mother then reveals to her that Hope's father is not her biological father.
  • I Never Sang for Our Father
    An embarrassed and shy Louis secretly joins Hope's church choir, but Gloria isn't singing Hope's praises when she suspects that her friend and ex-husband are having an affair. Meanwhile, Dennis decides to have plastic surgery live on the show.
  • Falling in Bed Again
    Gloria convinces Hope not to see her ex-husband again, inspiring Hope to help another spurned wife do the same, but then Gloria herself succumbs to temptation. Meanwhile, Dennis tries to help Hope by having her produce a segment called "Sex With Your Ex," with Gloria as one of the guests.
  • A Fine ROM-ance
    A Fine ROM-ance
    Episode 4
    Goaded by Dennis into finding a men man via computer, Hope drags a reluctant Gloria on a double blind date - and finds Gloria's match more to her liking.
  • Salon, It's Been Good to Know You
    Hope's plan to get Gloria a job as hair stylist on the show becomes complicated as the temperamental Isaac first quits to move to South America, then returns unexpectedly - just after Gloria has quit her job at the salon where she's worked for nine years. It's up to Hope to convince Gloria's caustic former boss Cookie to take her back. Meanwhile, Louis stays over at Gloria's to tend ailing Sonny.moreless
  • No Degrees of Separation
    The presence of Dennis, a spiked cake, and Louis's amorous cousin Pete snuff out Hope's birthday plans for a quiet dinner party, her first since her separation.