Hope & Faith

Season 2 Episode 6

Natal Attraction

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Faith going through different rooms to see where Hope is. She finally finds Hope in the last room (they're in the hospital). Hope gets a call from her dad who asks what time this nature program is on. Hope has no idea but the gynecologist Anne walks in and tells Hope the time. Hope believes that her dad and Anne have some sort of connection and invites Anne to dinner.

Anne and Hope & Faith's father Jack instantly hit it off- Hope has done well! All is going good until Anne reveals that Hope has to take a fertility test again since the lab messed up. Charley doesn't take to this news well because Hope promised they would stop making a baby after Justin. Faith and Charley decide to talk to Hope about this. Sydney and Hayley trick Justin into believing that men have periods until Charley sets his son straight.

Hope & Faith go back to the hospital the next day and find Jack's ex girlfriend Mandi. Faith and Mandi used to be friends and until they stopped talking because they had an argument over curly fries. Jack walks in at the same time and wants to treat Anne to lunch. But Anne has one more patient before her free time. That patient is none other than Mandi who turns out to be pregnant with Jack's baby!

Hope and Faith realize that they have to be supportive and go over to Mandi's where they see her with her wrestler boyfriend Stratus. Charley realizes that Hope needs a hobby and so he buys her a piano. Everyone is shocked when Jack announces that he is planning to marry Mandi.
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