Hope & Faith

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Sep 26, 2003 on ABC

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  • Great start!

    The episode starts with Hope trying to get her family down for breakfast. She sets the house alarm off and her husband Charley, and kids Haley and Justin run down. A few minutes later her other daughter Sydney comes down wearing her pajamas. Hope asks her why she isn't dressed yet. Sydney tells her she is not going to school because she has nothing to wear. Hope sets a breakfast of tofu scramble, because she wants the family to eat healthier. She mentions to Charley that Faith borrowed his car, we then here a loud crash, and the kitchen wall shakes. Faith comes in with sticky buns, which makes the family happy. Hope stops them from eating and tells Faith that she's trying to get them to eat better. Faith starts crying and says you don't want me here, and runs upstairs. Hope tries to comfort her, but first she makes sure the family won't eat the sticky buns buy squirting ketch-ip all over them. After she leaves Charley says "She'll have to do alot better then that" and the whole family digs in. Hope finds Faith upstairs watching the moment in her old soap where she's killed off. Hope tries to cheer her up, then Sydney comes in and again complains that she has nothing to wear. Faith tells Hope she can handle that. Later Hope gets a call from Sydney's school saying she's not there. As soon as she gets there she finds Faith and Sydney in the principal's office, he explains that she cut school to go shoppinh. The principal wants to suspend Sydney from the home coming dance, Hope agrees that's a fair punishment. Faith, however, thinks it's not fair. Just then two secrataries run in because the recognize Faith from her soap. After the principal finds out this, he is charmed by her, and agrees to let Sydney bake desserts for a bake sale. Hope thinks his original punishment was better, Sydney tells her that she's never on her side and she wishes Faith was her mother. At home Hope and Faith fight, and stop speaking to each other. Later Faith and Sydney find their cookies burning. Just then Hope and the other kids come in. She sees a pizza Faith bought, and gets mad. Charley then walks in and says that the pizza was a good call. Justin says he would rather have a sandwich. Hope and Faith argue over who will make it and Hope accidentily squirts Faith with mustard. This leads to a huge food fight. Later Faith and Sydney are talking and Hope over hears Faith talking praises about her. When Faith and Sydney wake up, Hope tells them she made everything. Sydney hugs her and tells her she loves her. At the end we see Faith and Sydney singing in the car. Then we see the back where they left the trunk open, and all the desserts are flying out.
  • Hope and Faith

    I have seen funnier commedies than Hope and Faith. I found it quite stupid at times but I have to admit I laughed in some places. I have already figured out that Faith is going to be getting into some sort of trouble each episode and Hope is going to get her out of it.