Hope & Faith - Season 1

ABC (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Daytime Emmys (2)
    Daytime Emmys (2)
    Episode 25
    Faith and her co-stars from the soap are nominated for a Daytime Emmy and flies to New York City with the family for the ceremony. Her mentor, Jacqueline Karr (Susan Lucci) and ex producer Laura Levisetti (Susan Flannery) reveal a secret plan to replace bring her back to replace her replacement, played by Rebecca Budig. Jacqueline and Laura also have a plan in mind for her return...........Meanwhile, Hope, Charley, and the kids rub elbows with the stars.moreless
  • Daytime Emmys (1)
    Daytime Emmys (1)
    Episode 24
    Faith and her co-stars from the soap are nominated for a Daytime Emmy and flies to New York City with the family for the ceremony. Her mentor, Jacqueline Karr (Susan Lucci) and ex producer Laura Levisetti (Susan Flannery) reveal a secret plan to replace bring her back to replace her replacement, played by Rebecca Budig. Jacqueline and Laura also have a plan in mind for her return...........Meanwhile, Hope, Charley, and the kids rub elbows with the stars.moreless
  • Trade Show
    Trade Show
    Episode 23
    Faith's obsession for watching old episodes of her soap opera lead to her replacement (Rebecca Budig) and her love interest, Devon (Cameron Mathison), making fun of her on-air. Fed up with this, Charley insists she contributes to the household and makes her find a job. Hope takes her to Irv Miller (Dominic Chianese), a cheesy talent agent who immediately books her to model in a trade show. It, though, is not the "fan fest Faith imagined." Meanwhile, Hailey and Sidney hatch a scheme for Mother's Day. It is the bombshell at the end of the episode, however, that changes Faith's life (and sets us up for the season finale).moreless
  • Jack's Back
    Jack's Back
    Episode 22
    Jack returns to be comforted by his daughters after being jilted by his fiancee. Faith tries to set him up with her friend Mandi's mother, but he falls for Mandi instead. When Mandi refuses to end the relationship, Faith tries to teach her a lesson by going out with her father. Jenny McCarthy guests.moreless
  • Faith's Husband
    Faith's Husband
    Episode 21
    Tom Arnold guest stars as Bob Thompson, the one man who has broken Faith's heart. The two were married but never divorced. When Bob parks his RV in the driveway, an argument about finalizing their it turns passionate and Faith moves in.
  • Hope Gets a Job
    Hope Gets a Job
    Episode 20
    Hope gets a job as a newspaper columnist at a local paper. One day, Faith tags along and automatically also gets a column. To shut Faith up, Hope agrees to a harmless office prank. Is it really harmless? Meanwhile, Sydney tries to cook in conjunction with the Great American Bakesale.
  • Faith's Maid
    Faith's Maid
    Episode 19
    Olga, Faith's former maid, comes to move in with the family. Hope fires her, but Olga misunderstands and invites her pregnant daughter to join them. Soon, their efforts to find new jobs ends up with Hope and Faith working at a club Charley wants to join.
  • Jury Duty
    Jury Duty
    Episode 18
    Hope is selected for jury duty and Faith decides to tag along. However, Faith wreaks havoc in court, even turning herself into a judge.
  • Prom and Circumstance (Almost Paradise)

    Hope and Faith try to help Sydney, which results in the damaging of Charley's vintage convertible. In order to get the repair done before Charley notices, the girls must go to the prom with the mechanics, who also happen to have been classmates of theirs with unrequited love. There's one catch: the guys are trapped in the year 1985 and it becomes the date from hell.

  • Charley's Baseball
    Charley's Baseball
    Episode 16
    Justin accidentally destroys Charley's most prized possession- a baseball autographed by Roger Clemens. This leaves Hope and Faith to replace it. Hearing that he will be in Ohio for a charity game, the women masquerade as locker room reporters. When a security guard chases them, they end up hiding in the team's hottub. Meanwhile, Haley leads a protest against the cutting down of the tree that holds her treehouse.moreless
  • Mismatch
    Episode 15
    Faith falls for Kenny, Charley's friend from medical school. However there's a catch that forces Hope to bring Faith to a camping trip. Hayley's crush on Kenny affects her relationship with Edwin.
  • The Diner Show
    The Diner Show
    Episode 14
    Faith learns a famous director from Cleveland is in Glenn Falls and plans to meet him (with Hope) at a local diner. However they are forced to become waitresses after they learn that they can't pay off their meal. And to further complicate things, Faith has to compete against another waitress, Marge for the attentions of the director. Meanwhile, Charley goes out as well, leaving the kids alone. Sydney decides to have a few friends over, and they invite a "few" more friends, leaving them with a party. But Charley comes home early, and the kids have to sneak the guests out, while Charley isn't looking.moreless
  • Madam President
    Madam President
    Episode 13
    Hope runs for President of the Neighborhood Association, taking Faith on board as her campaign manager. However the plans backfire when they go up against neighbor Harry who threatens to release one of Faith's sexy movies unless Hope backs out of the race.
  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 12
    Charley gets a visit from his family as his brother is getting married to his Swedish fiancee, Astrid. However the following morning, too many drinks with Faith leaves Astrid missing and a player in her place.
  • Silent Night, Opening Night
    Faith thinks she's going back to "The Sacred & The Sinful" but her character Ashley Storm has been recast. Faith is disappointed and to help her, Hope suggests directing Hayley's school play. Faith agrees but ends up causing chaos.
  • Anger Management
    Anger Management
    Episode 10
    At Justin's basketball game, with an idea of good sportsmanship, Hope tries to confront overzealous mom, Sue. The ensuing events land Hope and Faith in anger management, to get out of going to court. Jim Gaffigan guest stars as Brad, the teacher who wants to keep them on the straight and narrow. Back at the old homestead, the kids want to stop mechanically-challenged Charley from fixing the garbage disposal.moreless
  • Phone Home for the Holidays

    Jack, Hope & Faith's father pays them a visit with his same-age girlfriend. Hope & Faith approve of their dad's new girlfriend, Summer that is until she reveals a secret about being kidnapped by aliens. Meanwhile, Jack wants to test out his skills as a masseur, on a creeped out Charley.

    Robert Wagner and Lynda Carter are the episode's special guest stars.

  • Hope and Faith Get Randy
    Country singer Clint Black guest stars as Randy Richter, Hope's high school boyfriend who dumped her eighteen years ago. Faith thinks that the only way for closure is to show Randy Hope's great life. When sparks unexpectedly fly between Randy and Faith, Hope is surprised by her own reaction. Meanwhile Sydney and Hayley work in secret to repair a giant hole they made in their bedroom wall.moreless
  • Car Commercial
    Car Commercial
    Episode 7
    Regis Philbin joins his morning co-star Kelly Ripa in a very special episode of Hope & Faith.
    Handsome Hal Halverson asks Faith to star in one of his commercials, for a free car, of course. But what will happen when Hope upstages him? Meanwhile, will Charley remember his first kiss anniversary with Hope?moreless
  • Hope Has No Faith (The Halloween Story)
    On Halloween, Faith meets and falls for a guy named Paolo. Hope, of course, thinks that he is just another idiot, leading her on a spy caper to find out. Back at home, Sydney gives Hayley tips on how to attract her math partner.
  • About a Book Club
    About a Book Club
    Episode 5
    Hope's last area of sanity, her monthly book club, turns into a wild girls' night out when Faith joins. Hope tries to keep order, but when she finally gets wild herself, the cops are on the scene. Meanwhile Charley takes the kids to an arcade and tries to set a new record playing pinball.moreless
  • Summary Judgment
    Summary Judgment
    Episode 4
    Faith is forced to pay $5000 for burning down the set of "The Sacred & The Sinful" so she decides to become Hope's assistant.
  • The Un-Graduate
    The Un-Graduate
    Episode 3
    In order to get her high school diploma, Faith has to take after school French classes. She makes Hope take it with her, and, of course, gets her in trouble. In another story, Sydney goes on a date with a boy Hope doesn't trust.
  • Remembrance of Rings Past
    Hope and Faith attend their Aunt Dodi's funeral whom they believe stole their mother's heirloom ring. All hell breaks loose when they see her wearing it. Meanwhile, Hayley catches the middle child blues. Also, Charley is having a hard time getting the burglar alarm working to stop shrieking.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Daytime Emmy award winner Faith Fairfield is forced to move into her sister Hope Shanowski's house in the suburbs and immediately wreaks havoc. When Hope's teen daughter Sydney is busted for leaving school grounds to go shopping with Faith, they must hold a bake sale as a punishment.