Hope Island

Ion Television (ended 2000)


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  • A very sweet show

    I've really enjoyed Hope Island, except for Brian Brewster. That character is so overplayed that I'm glad that I PVR it. That way I can fast forward through some of his stupider overacting. That is so unnecessary. Every other character is great and believable in the context of the show. A trifle simplistic, but great for late afternoon viewing.
  • Nice, enjoyable way to spend an hour.

    This was a great show. I really like programs that have a sense of bonding and hope. This one did. I looked forward to watching it week after week. So I was surprised when PAX cancelled it after all the ads hyping it as their top rated show.

    It had a quirkiness similar to Northern Exposure, but without the crankiness of the NY doctor. Cameron Daddo did a great job on the show, though I missed his Australian accent.

    I know this show is still airing in Canada on Showcase or some similar station. Perhaps "i" will air it again, since they've been bringing back their old shows.