Hope Springs

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Unknown Jun 07, 2009 on BBC

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  • Four female ex-cons steal 3 mio. to start a new, comfortable life. But nothing turns out as planned, they end up in Scotland buying a run-down hotel with a dark secret and of course someone wants his money back...

    Love it! Plain simple as that. The show hooked me at first sight. It is a fast paced drama, more dark than I expected, though it has its funny moments. The characters are perfectly drawn and played, nothing shallow there. The writers, actors and the director did a wonderful job in portraying three dimensional people! Alex Kingston plays just wonderful, she stands out.
    As the money is already gone by the end of the episode due to the fire, I foresee a lot of struggle to get at least some of it back. But how to stay out of prison, when you are broke and what you are best at is actually being a con-artist? And who is the guy that was murdered? And will Allie (or Ally?) keep to her no-blokes-rule when it comes to the cute police officer?
    Well, I will definitely turn in for the second episode to find out more and I hope the cast and crew have done as good a job with the second as with the first episode.
    Thumbs up for British TV!!
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