Hope Springs

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Unknown Jun 21, 2009 on BBC

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  • We learn more about the murder and what Ronan and Euan are trying to cover up. Anne Marie digs into Ellies past and the girls try to help in the murder investigation.

    A very good episode. We finally get to know more about the murder investigation. Ina's niece was murdered. The prime suspect is Dean's brother Billy, but he is already dead, killed by Ronan in a fight, supposedly on the night of Katie's murder.
    Marius kills yet another source of information, leaving a bloody trail behind him on the search for the girls, but he seems to be off track now.
    Euan forces Anne Marie to dig into Ellie's past, not surprisingly she learns, that Ellie Williams is not her real name.
    I really loved the story around Billy's mobile, the girls always being one step ahead on Euan and Ronan. I still can't figure out Euan. Is there nothing good about him? Even his own son is afraid of him. Is he really trying to help Ronan or what?
    The part where Ellie decides to help Gil and tells the girls, that they ought to catch a murderer in spite of their own troubles, was really moving. So sweet, when Gil lifted her up and hugging her for finding the sim-card. But she seemed more into him than he to her. In the other episodes it seemed to be the other way around.
    I have great trouble though, imagining a happy ending, there are just to many obstacles in the way. When they will finally find Billy it will be a complete nightmare for just everybody. The girls might all end up in jail again, so will Ronan. Or Marius will get to them first. The marriage of Gil and Anne Marie is already doomed. Who killed Katie?
    I would really like to seem them all happy, but I just cannot imagine how it is to be done. So, despite being a very good episode, thanks to the writers and all the cast for their lively imagination and inspiring work, this week's episode leaves me a bit sad.
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