Hope Springs

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 2009 on BBC

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  • Gil questions Ellie about her past, Sadie finds out about the money and the girls get their hands on passports, but cannnot leave Hope Springs. And then there is that kiss...

    Loved it! Period! Well, this was just great. What more is there to talk about? But since, the review has to be at least 100 words long, I'll do my very best to give a few reasons for my score.

    First and most important: great acting of almost anyone appearing, especially Alex Kingston, Paul Higgins, Alec Newman and Sian Reeves. You did a great job.

    Second, of course, the script was full of good ideas. How the girls got their hands on passports, genius. Especially the scenes in the store. Josie and the little woman - hilarious! And Ellie's look-alike not knowing the capital of Scotland! These scenes show, why Ellie is the head of the gang, she is always thinking quicker than the others. Like her telling Gil that they are all fleeing from their respective husbands and therefore had to change their names and go underground. A lie and not a lie. And Hannah unknowingly confirming that lie in telling Ina some bits of her past. Even Shoo confirmed that somehow when she told Dean that he was her best boyfriend yet. That will be quite useful in other episodes.

    Third: the scene where Ellie tries to say goodbye to Gil without actually saying it. So cute. The kiss. So wonderful. And then she just leaves him standing there - so sad. He is in trouble now. Will he really marry Ann Marie in the next episode? I foresee broken hearts. Both Ellie and Ann Marie lied to him, would he stand up for either of them if he knew?

    What is left to wish for? Well, I really would like to know more about the girls past. Can't believe it's arson Josie was in for, looks more like assault. What's her story anyway? There wasn't much about her in the last episodes.
    What will Euan do to get Ellie out of the hotel? And there is that suspicion that he might have something to do with Katie's death. Is it possible that it was him? I wouldn't put it past him.
    And what is Marius up to? He will find the girls but I'm pretty sure that he won't kill any of them just yet.
    Well, next week will answer some questions, I hope. Can't wait for Sunday!