Hope Springs

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Unknown Jul 05, 2009 on BBC

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  • Ann Marie and Gil get married, Dean and Shoo get engaged and Marius finally finds the girls and ruins what wasn't such a happy day to begin with...

    This was a major surprise - good writing, really surprising turns and twists. Hearts get broken, marriages ruined, prospects darken. Great acting by Ronni Ancona and Alex Kingston and almost all the rest of the cast. Clint Dyer put a bit too much cliché in his performance, I think. Well, seems we have seen the last of him, anyway. Sadie killing Marius really shocked me. By the way, I wouldn't have needed that pictured. But I guess, it was done to give the viewers the same feelings as the characters. I was feeling just like Ellie, I couldn't believe it. To be sure, he was a hitman and a very mean person, but did he have to die? And again, there seems to be no good way out of all this mess. Gil is crushed, Ronan and Sadie, probably even Euan each killed someone; Ann Marie is pregnant and all alone, Dean's brother is dead, his father in prison; Roy will find Ellie some day - it is all very dark and it only needs a few more disasters to make a somewhat happy ending virtually impossible.

    I really liked that the writers have given this episode kind of a theme. In that early scene with Hannah Ellie asks her: Why do we give everything we got for the bad guys and mess the good ones about? (or something very similar). This question really illustrates the different relationships in this episode: Ann Marie and Gil, Ellie and Gil, Euan and Ina, Shoo and Dean, Ellie and Roy, Hannah and her husband - they all mess it up with their respective partners, they lie, cheat, hurt eachother - they are all afraid and put their own interests above the feelings and needs of others. There is something terribly amiss in all these relationships. Question is: Will someone or all try to really change this? Will anyone of them at the end at least try to make it right? Like Shoo did in this episode before relapsing into her old behaviour? I really feel for them all and wish that there might at least be some justice, but it is impossible that everyone will be happy. But I have hope still - after all, the village is called Hope Springs - and hope makes almost anything possible.
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