Hope Springs

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Seven

Aired Unknown Jul 19, 2009 on BBC

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  • Ann Marie tries to get rid of the hotel but ends up leading it with Euan, Marius' car and arm are found, Shoo finds out that she is pregnant and Gil's lovelife takes a totally new road...

    What ever happened to logic and story development? Did they change the writers and put new ones on the show, that didn't watch the other episodes?

    I was shocked beyond believe as the story of this episode unfolded and couldn't comprehend what I was seeing on the screen. But I will start from the beginning.

    I liked the opening scenes with the girls in the caravan and in the hotel. Lovely and funny idea, their having to share the caravan! And Ann Marie being the boss of Ellie - was actually great fun to watch.
    Well, Ann Marie trying to sell the hotel to some gay college friend of hers, too much cliché, really. But again, fun to watch the girls trying to drive them away.
    The scenes with Ronan and Josie were just heartbreaking. And Shoo and Dean were so cute together in their little cottage. And they are having a baby, too, who will be utterly spoiled but loved to bits as well.
    Roy has finally found a way out - he will be catching up with Ellie next episode. And just as they were all leaving, Gil is stopping the car. A real cliffhanger.

    But, and here it comes, what the hell happened to Gil being at least a little in love with Ellie? Why in the name of G... did he come on to Hannah like that? How on earth am I to imagine that they just fell in love? That kiss was breaking my heart!!! Did I miss an episode? Did I miss anything last week? From the very first episode Gil had a thing for Ellie and apparently she for him. What changed so suddenly? Him just not caring a straw for Ellie made him sink very low in my estimation. It felt a lot like betrayal. And Hannah, how could she do this to Ellie? Isn't she the nice one, and now she just goes and kisses him in public. It made me really angry and very sorry for Ellie.
    What made the writers do that? Because it felt so wrong, in fact, it felt like a nightmare Ellie might have. Gil and Hannah might be a nice couple but not in that story.
    I will still tune in next week, it is the last episode, but I'm afraid I will be utterly disgusted and disappointed with the ending. Which is sad, because it was a very good show so far, but the writers have ruined it for no apparent reason.
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