Hope Springs

BBC Premiered Jun 07, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Four female ex-cons get their hands on three million pound, but on their way to Barbados where they mean to spend the rest of their days everything goes wrong and they end up spending the next few months in some forlorn Scottish village...

    Well, I really loved the first few episodes and gave the show a 9.0, but then the writers, director or whoever it was that screwed up ruined it. The characters were well drawn, it was funny, it was lovely, splendid, you name it, but then something bad must have happened and after the fifth episode everything went downhill - without brakes - unstoppable and unpardonable did they rush this series to an early grave. Maybe this was the plan, but honestly, I don't believe it.

    At some point in the last episode, two of the main male characters, Gil and Dean sit listlessy on a couch as if they didn't care anymore. The female main character Ellie has at some point her head on a table, not caring anymore whether she will end up in jail or on a distant island. They all convey the feeling: it is over - I don't care. What a sad ending after such a splendid beginning and I long to get hold of the writers and the produce to ask that one and only question: WHY? Why did you have to ruin it? Why did the characters suddenly change?

    As this question will probably never be answered I remain heartbroken, because I really loved the series' first five episodes, I loved that kind of romance between Ellie and Gil, loved Ann Marie and Sadie, Shoo and Dean, loved the cute Scottish accent, the excellent ideas, the surprising turns, but got my hopes crushed and had to see something really good die. Unpardonable.
  • started off well, but then :-(

    at first this show was good but the last two eps were just awful. I liked the cast, the premise, and the scenery and there were some good laughs in the early eps. But the last two eps of this eight episode series made me wish i hadn't started watching it in the first place. i wonder what happened to make it go downhill so fast. it seemed like they didn't know what to do with it so they just hastily threw the ending together. the final scene was just appallingly bad. I don't think that a second series is too likely for this one!