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  • Reality at its best.

    Is there going to be another season? Love the personal stories. Some situations granted are contrived, however the medicine is real, no doubt abut that. Show is graphic, but not too graphic. I'm quite a lightweight when it comes to blood and guts, however they show just enough so you know what is going on but not too much to gross you out. I certainly hope another season is in the works. It very realistically portrays the struggles young physicians have coming up in their fields and the grueling schedules they keep to balance work and family. Bravo, bring it back.
  • Finally, a hospital drama show that is real.

    I am hooked on this show, it is real not like what we are all used to watching, don't get me wrong I love ER and Grey's but this is so much more personal. When I watch this show it touches my heart what these doctors and patients, families really go through. They show the real every day stuff not just who is sleeping with who. Excellent show!! You actually get to watch a heart transplant. I just watched this weeks show, and it was a 2 year old little boy having a heart transplant. It doesn't get any better than this.
  • Cameras follow doctors and residents treating their patients at the John Hopkins Medical center

    Although I find this type of show interesting, it isn't unlike many of the realty medical shows on TLC or public television. It seemed a little too Hollywood, perhaps. I fear that this show diminishes the stature of John Hopkins hospital by making reality TV stars of the incredibly competent medical personnel it profiles. It also seemed a bit unfocused. There was a little medical information provided and a little of the personal lives of the doctors revealed but throughout the show, I was left wondering what the purpose of the show was. Perhaps as the show develops, it will find a distinct niche that will set it apart from all the other reality medical shows.