Horatio Hornblower

Wednesday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 07, 1998 Between Seasons


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  • top show HB

    why has it taken so long to bring out the next series. this show is as good as Game of Thrones if not better. Please consider

    bring out series 2
  • Another GREAT British show.

    One of my favorite TV series. The British are just the best when it comes to war related series such as Sharpe, Reilly: Ace of Spies and Ivenhoe. Horatio Horblower is no exception to the rule. Horatio Hornblower (portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd) tells the story of a 17 years old officer in the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. Hornblower joins the Royal Navy as a shy and lacking self confidence midshipman and rises through the ranks slowly throughout the series while his character develops accordingly. Other than Ioan Gruffudd, who was an excellent choice for the role of Hornblower, the cast includes the amazing Jamie Bamber and the very talented Robert Lindsay. I strongly recommend this series to those of you that enjoy historical war series.
  • I loved this series and thought Ioan Gruffudd was wonderful as the lead. When will it be back?

    This series was not part of my normal viewing genre, but I loved it and miss it. Now that Ioan Gruffudd has moved on to Hollywood, will this series be back? He was SO incredibly hot as Horatio Hornblower. Can't believe he married that girl! He doesn't even love her.

  • A Great Show with Great Brittish Actors. Stays 100% true to the books

    A Show or a Movie dividet into a lot of episodes based on the books by C. S. Forester (7 total) The Plot is The new Young recruit Horatio Hornblower who comes in from nowhere and makes great succes in the Navy, Cronoligically correct and 100% true to the books.

    The Actors Is renowed brittish actor including Ioan Gruffud who has a small part in Titanic and William Bush Known from the Sitcom My Family. About the tecnical approuch it is like you have read in the book and really dosnt let you down if you have read the books on beforehands

    this is a great show!
  • I am 100% grateful for my discovery of the Horatio Hornblower series.

    Horatio Hornblower embodies things that many people today have forgot about: honor, fellowship, and duty. I am quite honored to have had the opportunity to see these movies and I really want to read the books now. I really hope that they will continue to make more of the stories into movies. It is more possible than not, since Ioan has been quoted to have said, "I would love to play this character through every stage of his life. I think it would be unique to have an actor playing him from the very early days as a midshipman; through till he's an Admiral. So, I would love to play this character till he perishes." All fans of this series (both book and movies) should pray for a return soon. I don't know about others, but I really need to see how Horatio handles his next adventure (reference to the last scene of Duty).
    One quick word about Ioan...perfect actor for Horatio. Many thanks to those that cast him.
    Lastly, I want to urge everyone to watch all these movies. thank you
  • It's been four years since the last Hornblower. It's time for the series to continue.

    I just brought out all my Hornblower DVDs and watched them from the beginning once again this week. Really great stuff, this! I miss the series. It's time to bring it back. What has happened to Matthews and Styles? Has Horatio escaped his cloying wife and her wretched mother? And what of Pellew? Not to mention Horatio himself. This series begs for more. A conclusion. Finish the series. If they can produce the complete series of Richard Sharpe's adventures, from Sharpe's Rifles to Sharpe: The Legend, they can at least give equal treatment to the much better Hornblower series. Styles, in particular, was just coming into his own!
  • The best historical adventure on television!

    Horatio Hornblower was a program that I happened to stumble upon on television. Ioan Gruffudd of course caught my eye first, but the story telling and great characters kept me watching. This was the first DVD set I ever bought and that was because I tuned in halfway through the broadcast and I couldn't wait for reruns to see the rest. On rewatching I have discovered that as much as I love Ioan himself, I really watch for the background characters. His crew who supports him with nearly unfailing loyalty. His falable friends and his strong Captain Sir Edward Pellew. Who looks on Horatio with a fatherly eye. Give it a try!
  • Ioan Griffudd is Horatio Hornblower

    This series is a good production of C.S. Forester novels chronicling the Naval career of Horatio Hornblower. Ioan Griffudd, who plays Hornblower, was pretty much unknown when the first installments of the series came out and he becomes more famous as we go. The worst thing that could happen to this series is it they switched lead actors.

    When put in chronological order, there is often a large gap of time between the novels. This means that no matter how far apart each TV installment is, the characters will age faster than the actors.

    The first four segments cover the book “Mr. Midshipman Hornblower”. Since the book is a series of short stories, a great deal is left out, but they tried to include bits from stories that weren’t covered in the plot. The next two segments come from the book “Lieutenant Hornblower” and then segments 7 & 8 cover “Hornblower and the Hotspur”.

    As a fan of O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin books as well as Forester’s Hornblower series, I find it interesting that the TV Hornblower comes across in many respects, in regards to personality, somewhere between the Hornblower of the books and Jack Aubrey. The book Hornblower is more stand-offish and would never refer to a shipmate by his first name. Much of the text in the books comes from Hornblower’s head, so in order to put it on film, he obviously must be more verbal. Another thing that it would be hard to get across on film is the fact that Hornblower is extremely tone-deaf. I always found this an enjoyable quirk, providing some of the funnier moments in the books, as he can’t distinguish between an orchestra playing and dishes falling. More than once he is unable to identify his own country’s national anthem being played until people around him take off their hats. I don’t know how they could do this but I would enjoy seeing him do something like this, I know Ioan Griffudd could make it funny.