Horatio Hornblower - Season 1

Wednesday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Oct 07, 1998 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Wrong War (aka The Frogs and the Lobsters)
    Hornblower is assigned to escort a company of British redcoats (the lobsters) and a group of French royalists (the frogs) to France in an attempt to restore the king to power, but he is unprepared for the brutality and cowardice displayed by the French commander.
  • The Duchess and the Devil
    Hornblower is assigned to escort a duchess and some important documents back to England on a captured French ship, but they are captured and imprisoned by the Spanish and he begins to suspect that the duchess is not who she appears to be.
  • The Fire Ships (aka The Examination for Lieutenant)
    In order to prove himself worthy of promotion to Lieutenant, Hornblower must deal with a hungry crew, a rebellious sailor, and a fire that threatens to spread to the entire fleet.
  • The Duel (aka The Even Chance)
    Horatio Hornblower joins the Royal Navy at the age of seventeen, which he soon finds is a bit old to get started. He makes up for his inexperience by proving he has a keen mind for navigaiton. He soon becomes the commander of a division of seamen, but in the process he must overcome his tendency toward seasickness and fight a duel with a sadistic bully.moreless
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