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  • Season 2
    • Futayo continues her battle with Muneshige and arises victorious. Tori makes it to Horizon, but she doesn't want to be rescued. Tori must not only convince her to leave with him, but also figure out how to defeat the Disintegration Wall.
    • 2/7/13
      Kimi fights and defeats Futayo before convincing her to side with the group wanting to save Horizon. King Yoshinao promotes Tori and Horizon to viceroys before Tori and his friends run off to save Horizon.
    • Muneshige fights valiantly to prevent the reactors from going critical, but to no avail. Lord Motonobu announces that the only way to stop the apocalypse is to gather all nine Armors of Deadly Sins, one of which is located inside of P-01s.
    • Commandos in Town
      Episode 16
      Tori and his friends are busy preparing for his big day, each in their own way. Meanwhile, Masazumi is investigating the history behind Remorse Way.
    • 1/3/13
      The firework show is drawing near, but the fireworks may not be quite what everyone had expected. The few remaining residents of Mikawa are forcing the Platonic Plate Reactor to meltdown, and they'll stop anyone who dares get in their way.
    • 12/20/12
      This episode focuses on April 20th through the eyes of Masazumi Honda. Despite a difficult past and a despairing outlook on the future, he desperately wants to become a good politician who understands the people.
    • 11/2/12
      Spain and Musashi are going for broke with Spain gaining the upper hand. But when England relinquishes its Armor of Deadly Sins, Musashi finally gains the upper hand.
    • The battle is heating up with the Gods of War and the baseball team pressing Musashi. With the help of non-combative students, Musashi plans to turn the war around.
    • Tenzo battles the Fairy Queen for Mary’s life; meanwhile, the Inadequate HQ must overcome Spain’s barrage attack or they will lose the war.
    • 10/12/12
      Two writers clash over Shakespeare’s work as the students work together for Tenzo to make it to his date.
    • 10/5/12
      Mushashi’s intent to be a mercenary for England is derailed by Tenzo Clothunit’s resignation
    • 9/28/12
      With all the groups butting in, Musashi is forced to think quickly. If accepted, the new plan will offer them a chance to see behind the curtain and into the apocalypse.
    • 9/21/12
      The fighting has ended as the political battle begins. Musashi has a few tricks in queue, but an unannounced party may ruin everything.
    • 9/14/12
      "Some members of the Musashi faction have turned up missing after the exhibition fights begin to die down. What\'s worse, Bloody Double Mary finally makes her appearance.
    • "Horizon and Tori discuss the terms of their upcoming date. In other parts of the world, the "exhibition" fights have started against England and Musashi.
    • 8/31/12
      "Musashi prepares for the upcoming school event as Tres España makes their appearance.
    • 8/24/12
      "Musashi\'s Shirojiro Bertoni is negotiating with England\'s Charles Howard over the upcoming joint school event. The residents look on as a vicious squabble between two skilled treasurers occurs.
    • 8/17/12
      "Since the cargo ship has crashed upon England’s soil, the fighting is put on hold until a treaty can be drawn up.
    • Tori is still naked, and the battle between Tres Espana and Europe rages on!
  • Season 1
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