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    Welcome to the Horizon guide at TV.COM

    As you will know doubt be aware, Horizon is an extremly old show and has been around since 1964. The BBC archives date back only to 1996 and from 1996 to 1998 the information is incomplete (episode names only).

    Please note presently episode air dates are only acuraty on seasons 36-40 are the only ones that are acurate 41 and 42 will be updated when the information becomes available and all seasons before 36 (1-35) will most likly never contain complete episode listings or completly acurate air dates.

    The are three episodes currently I have found (Now the Chips Are Down, The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out and Nanotopia) information on before 1996 and if you know anything about any episodes not in the BBC archive please PM me or submit them for moderation.

    The Arrogant Q
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