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  • This is the next best series to Nova :o)

    Horizon probably has more history than any other documentary show. In fact, Horizon is the reason for the existance of the popular American TV series, Nova, which was directly inspired by Horizon. The Horizon series covers a variety of subjects from molecules to the universe. Even the old episodes pre-dating the 1990's are still interested and provide a wealth of information and, at the same time, quality entertainment. With 45 seasons of history, Horizon is a refined, to the point, and unbiased report of our world...as it was then, and now. I would highly recommend this show to anyone interested in documentaries. Although, I am a bit more biased to the American Nova show, I thoroughly enjoy every episode of Horizon.
  • Best documentary series going...Just depends if your intereted the topic at hand.

    Its professional and is as trustworthy as TV shows get. Personally it Space, Science and history based documentaries are always the best, whilst those which examine recent fads in the media, such as Atkins or ADHD are normally dull.

    They never fail to explain well what thier talking about, and without looosing its professional approch they also manage to tell it interestingly.

    Horizon over the years has opened my eyes to many things I wated to know about as well as things I was glad to have found out about. Its nice to know this show is still around after all these years. Its good to know thier are trust worthy educational shows around. I watch enough junk as it is!
  • Interesting, Informative, Educational and occasionally Ccontroversial! The BBC continues to uphold its pledge to serve the masses - Enjoy science, Love Technology - understand your world!

    Horizon continues to be amongst the best educational and informative series on TV. For many many moons it has fed information on complex matters to the public in a well thought out and presented manner.

    Whatever the subject mater the team behind the program ensure a fair and unbiased verdict and present the facts as they are known. This is not a show designed for impact but for thought so it may not please the Internet generation or those after a quick fix. Its only an hour of your life but it could kick start your future, help your family, enhance your enviroment.......

    For all you geeks out there the first episode was on Buckmister Fuller - a name still banded about today in the science and technology world. For the slightly more IQ challenged amongst us there have been pearls of wisdom on such wonders a Vitamins, Grand Prix cars, Bees....the list goes on and on (as you would expect from 40+ years worth of programs!)

    Go on, give it a chance...theres more to life than Eastenders, Lost, the weather forecast.........
  • Excellent Documentary series

    This is simply the best documentary series on TV, and I never fail to find it interesting, informative and sometimes controversial. It is one of only a few programmes that I will find time to watch these days. Excellent production values, good research and simulations of past and hypothetical future events.
  • 41 years and it's still got it.

    Horizon dates back so far my parents where only 2 when it started!

    This show continues to deliver interesting and up-to-date documentaries on a variety of topics. Some of them rather unusual but interesting none the less.

    Hopfully Horizon will continue for another 41 keeping everyone in know on the latest scientific theorys and whats going on right under our noses without us even noticing.